Japanese Domain Investor Portfolio appears to be dropping


There appears to be a whole portfolio of a domain name investor based in Japan, whom I don’t know that has a lot of names expiring and being auctioned off at GoDaddy right now, some of the names I have found all have been linked to the following accounts noted below.

“toho@hcm.vnn.vn” then moved to “shimoshita@gmail.com” in June 2016 before going private in 2018 but at the same time, the name servers followed a similar path being pointed to DSREDIRECTION.COM from 2012, then they all moved in Dec 2021 to Bodis.com

Here are some of the names I have discovered so far all in auction right now at GoDaddy, Jisho.com, eConsultants.com, InstantPayment.com, sBot.com, HealthCareService.com, Pande.com, TVCI.com but how many more are there? This portfolio once stood at over 5,000+ domain names.

I hope that the owner of this portfolio is ok and nothing has happened to them, as we know at times it can be as simple as a credit card expiring and not realizing until too late, however with the registries as active as ever to keep your business, they must have been sent a lot of reminders, fingers crossed for a positive outcome and if anyone knows the investor they should reach out and ensure they are ok?


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