A UDRP was recently filed against the high value Skill.com domain name at the World Intellectual Property Organization. Skill.com is a fully developed business, and the complainant in the UDRP is a company called Skillful Communications, Inc. You don’t often see such a valuable domain name become the target of a UDRP proceeding.

John Berryhill is a highly respected Intellectual Property attorney who has made a name for himself in the domain name industry. John has successfully defended many valuable domain names over the years, and he is one of the most knowledgeable attorneys when it comes to domain name law.

John took notice of the UDRP filing and shared some of his thoughts based on what he found looking through trademark filings and other public records.

Hopefully the registrant of Skill.com hires an expert attorney like John Berryhill to defend this valuable brand and domain name asset.

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Original article: John Berryhill Shares Thoughts About Skill.com UDRP

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