Keyword + NFTs Dot Com – Sells for $44k

The domain name, that was registered on 8th of September 2020 has just sold via the platform for a whooping $44,000 USD.

A fantastic ROI in such a short timeframe, this is the reason so many domain name investors love our industry.

I recently received an offer of $5,777 USD for an NFT+keyword domain name that I own myself that is less than 12 months old, it’s been countered offered at present via Uniregistry / GoDaddy broker and I will update should that domain name sale close.

We know that Meta Domains are hot but it now appears NFT domains are still bringing in good money too.

I haven’t bought into any Meta domain names yet and only have 3 NFT names but I’m keeping a close eye on the trend to see if it continues and how these two categories perform.

Congratulations to the buyer and seller of, let’s see what happens with this domain name, could it be the next big trend?


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