was in the non profit space as a Software as a Service (SaaS) provided. The company raised venture capital and eventually went public. They started to struggle and were acquired by Blackbaud Internet Solutions (NASDAQ: BLKB) a company I competed against in the non profit sector two decades ago.

Blackbaud, made an offer of $1.12 per share ($48m) for Kintera’s stock. This was a premium of 65% to the prior closing price.


Over they years the domain name would forward to Blackbaud.

The domain name dropped and was caught by DropCatch, it closed at $30,250 and won by bidder, XueHaTa.

Huge link profile according to Ahrefs:

Domain Rating 80

Backlinks 4,929,690 99% dofollow


Referring Domains 30,352 92% dofollow

This is lazy and sloppy on the part of Blackbaud, I don’t know why companies don’t understand their domain portfolio better. This allows the opportunity for phishing and other scams, not saying the winning bidder will do that but a company should not allow for that possibility. There are searches for Kintera in 2021 and people not as savvy about such things could get duped.

Plus those links have value find a way or hire someone like a Sean Markey to show you how you should use that domain name.

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