Liquid market report Q3 2021: $20.4M in sales

Liquid market report Q3 2021: $20.4M in sales

Giuseppe Graziano from GGRG partnering with and Estibot’s parent company Intelium and published the 20th edition of the Liquid Domains Overview (LXDO), which focuses on the 614,928 .com domains we call “liquid”.

The objective of the report is to present key statistics and generate a debate amongst the industry stakeholders about the fair value of such domains.

Starting from this edition, they added the actual list of transactions for the top tier domains (2L, 3L, 2N, 3N, 4N, 2C) and an indicative sample of transactions (top, median and bottom 10 sales) for the lower tiers of the liquid market (4L, 5N, 3C).

Here are some highlights from the Q3 2021 report:

  • $20.4M in Sales
  • $6M in Disclosed Liquid Sales
  • This was a record quarter with over $12M in 2L .com sales.
  • The record in 2L .com sales contributed to make Q3 2021 the best quarter in sales since the inception of the Liquid market report in 2016.
  • 96% of the sales reported by have taken place in the category with the highest development index, i.e. 2L (30%); 3L (24%); 4L (12%), 2C (18%).

Liquid market report Q3 2021: $20.4M in sales

Read the complete report here.

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