In March, I published an article with an update email I received from Uniregistry regarding a change to the company’s payments provider. I (wrongly) assumed the update was only necessary for sellers on the Uniregistry Market. In fact, I wrote “I don’t really sell via Uni, so I don’t think I am going to touch anything.”

Over the weekend, I was looking at my Uniregistry parking stats and I realized it had been quite some time since I received a PPC earnings payout. In fact, the end of February was the last time I noted a PayPal payment from Uniregistry for my pay per click advertising revenue.

I sent an email to a contact at GoDaddy to see why I did not receive any payments since the end of February. I learned it was because I never updated the tax information for my payment profile at Uniregistry. I was told that I needed to complete the set up of my payment profile for PPC, and I was sent this Uniregistry help link to correctly do so. I selected the option for “Parking earnings payout.”

I completed this required profile yesterday, so I expect to receive the accrued earnings via PayPal today. I don’t know if payments would automatically be sent right after I updated my profile or if doing so in conjunction with contacting someone at GoDaddy is what will prompt the payment.

If you also stopped receiving PPC payments from Uniregistry, you should contact an account representative or customer service to ask if the issue is related to your payment profile not being updated. If that is the case, you may also want to let the company know when you made the payment profile update to ensure it was noted and correctly done.

I take responsibility for not filling out the form when I was prompted to do so. I also should have followed up when I stopped receiving PPC earnings payouts had I noticed right away. However, I think Uniregistry / GoDaddy could have done a better job at following up with customers who may have overlooked or forgotten about this payment profile instruction. I am sure there are others in the same position as me.

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