Namepros has a new look
Namepros New Look

Namepros has a new look and some new functionality. They went into read only mode last night and things look a bit different.

Welcome to the new NamePros in November!

Today marks the first step toward a lot of positive and exciting changes coming to NamePros. You’ll notice that most of what you loved is still here, and we’re working hard to bring back even more.


And that’s only the beginning! We’ll be bringing you regular updates, sometimes weekly, to add the features you’ve requested (please vote on features you want to see first!) and improve your experience.

Our mission is to build a thriving professional network around the best community – that’s you! – where professionals can engage in civil discussions, ask questions, share advice, partner, transact, and succeed, all together.

We hope you’ll have a look around, and let us know what you think!

All our best,


The NamePros Team

I have noticed that the stats under a member have changed a bit. You no longer see the number of likes and posts someone has but rather an impact score.

Namepros has a new look

Older version looked like

Namepros Selling Guide

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