Naomi Osaka was the keynote speaker at GoDaddy OPEN 2021

Naomi Osaka was the keynote speaker at GoDaddy OPEN 2021

Today, GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), hosted GoDaddy OPEN 2021, an online event for small business owners to learn, connect and grow their businesses. In a special fireside chat, GoDaddy CMO Fara Howard sat down with entrepreneur and four-time Grand Slam champion, Naomi Osaka to discuss starting a business, building a brand and what motivates her as an entrepreneur.

Osaka partnered with GoDaddy to be her exclusive ecommerce partner to build KINLÒ, her recently launched skincare brand.

“Bringing KINLÒ to market would not have been possible without GoDaddy,” said Osaka. “As both a consumer and now a first-time business owner, I knew the website and ecommerce experience needed to be seamless and provide a great customer experience. To be able to share what I know now about building a brand online with future business owners makes me really proud.”

KINLÒ’s online store is powered by GoDaddy Payments. In addition to the build out of the KINLÒ online store, Osaka worked with GoDaddy to create and build her personal brand website, which launched earlier this year.

“Every entrepreneur needs to start somewhere, and we’re incredibly lucky that Naomi chose GoDaddy to help her pave the way,” said GoDaddy CMO Fara Howard. “Like many of our customers, Naomi came to us with a vision for her business’ digital experience. We are excited to have been that launch pad for KINLÒ and work with Naomi every step of the way to bring the brand and customer journey to life.”

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