Not much going on so far with all those exact match Meta domain sales

Meta became a very popular and sought after keyword in 2021. Spurred on by Facebook branding to Meta and the promise of the Metaverse, thousands of registrations took place. Some Meta domain name registrations would make you scratch your head.

When it comes to just the exact keyword Meta + extension. There have been 22 such sales. Namebio records 21 of them they have not added acquired for $130,000 last October.

Nikul Sanghvi of sold for $149,000. He registered it in April of 2021 and sold it in October.

So far little has been done with all these sales.

meta.so149,000 USD2021-10-05Does not resolve
meta.cn130,000 USD2021-10-28Does not resolve
meta.io100,000 USD2021-03-30Does not resolve
meta.lc20,000 USD2021-09-30Parked @Dynadot
meta.equipment14,600 USD2021-10-26Parked @Sav
meta.stream10,001 USD2021-12-19For sale @Epik
meta.best10,000 USD2021-09-13Does not resolve
meta.monster8,000 USD2022-01-05For sale @Dan
meta.fitness7,550 USD2022-01-10Does not resolve
meta.mba7,200 USD2021-11-15Parked @Sav
meta.bargains7,050 USD2021-10-26Parked @Sav
meta.cloud5,000 USD2021-07-26Redirects to buyer’s site
meta.one4,550 USD2018-07-09Under Construction
meta.cd3,708 USD2021-11-09Parked @Sedo
meta.cheap3,550 USD2021-11-28Parked @Sav
meta.be2,835 USD2011-07-14Developed nothing to do with Tech
meta.us2,500 USD2017-05-07Does not resolve
meta.fm1,500 USD2021-08-07Does not resolve
meta.cash820 USD2021-09-20Does not resolve
meta.to522 USD2020-12-26Parked @101Domain
meta.finance467 USD2021-05-02Does not resolve
meta.global155 USD2021-08-23Does not resolve

With the majority of these names expiring and being caught at or Catched it makes sense that the buyers were domain investors and not end users.

It will be interesting to see what is done with the big sales, and

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