Owned by this end user since 1998


The domain name Plumber.com has been registered since 1995, being created on the 3rd of January 1995, it appears to have been in the ownership of Roto-Rooter since at least 1998, where we can see the first developed website on Plumber.com archived online by archive.org.

Who is Roto-Rooter, well they can trace their history back to 1935, 60 years before Plumber.com was created, The company was founded by Samuel Oscar Blanc and today has a nationwide service across the USA and also operates in Canada with over 3,600+ employees.

The company has a few other nice names in its domain name portfolio including rapidplumber.com, proclean.com & anydrip.com, you can see the full portfolio below.


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Original article: Owned by this end user since 1998

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