appeared to be destined for an expiry auction at GoDaddy earlier this week. The domain name auction was due to conclude on Monday afternoon, and bidding had surpassed the $30,000 mark. I was a participant in the auction (bidding over $30,000), and I was prepared to spend considerably more than the high bid. In fact, I had offered more for the domain name earlier this year.

The auction disappeared from GoDaddy Auctions at some point between Sunday night and Monday. This was surprising because the domain name was registered at GoDaddy and there was less than 24 hours remaining in the auction. As far as I know, a 2017 change in how the expiry process works was supposed to ensure that GoDaddy-registered domain names that make it to 3 days or fewer in an auction with bids can no longer be renewed by the registrant since the redemption period had passed.

From my own recollection, this doesn’t seem to happen very often. I wrote about one instance where this happened earlier this year involving the domain name. Off the top of my head, I can’t recall a high value domain name that was registered at GoDaddy that was pulled from auction with less than a few days remaining. Of course, a registrant should be able to renew a domain name for as long as the registrar allows.

Vito noticed that had been removed from auction, and he tweeted to ask what happened:

I had also emailed GoDaddy representatives to find out what occurred since I had been monitoring the auction and was a bidder.

Last night, Paul Nicks, GM & VP of theAftermarket at GoDaddy, responded to Vito’s tweet to share what he learned about this auction:

It’s disappointing to lose out on the opportunity to bid on an exceptional domain name like this. I presume GoDaddy would also rather have the auction revenue than the renewal revenue.

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