The largest sale in last month’s Great Domains auction at Sedo was for $350,000. As with all auctions, a domain name is not really considered sold until the transaction is processed by the platform. It looks like the sale of has gone through, according to a tweet from Sedo:

When I first learned about the sale of, I thought the buyer could be Andrew Rosener. Andrew has lived in Portugal for several years, and I thought he would be a possible buyer at this price. When he was asked about the purchase, he said it was not his purchase.

Whois records now show is pending transfer at GoDaddy. Given the tweet from Sedo and the status change of the domain name, it would appear that the transaction is confirmed. The buyer may become known once the transfer is completed – unless Whois privacy is enabled.

The sale of for $350,000 seems pretty good for the buyer compared to other country .com domain name sales. According to NameBio, the following country .com domain names have publicly sold:

  • – $5 million
  • – $2 million
  • – $1.5 million
  • – $800,000
  • – $500,000
  • – $500,000
  • – $400,000
  • – $360,000

Most of these sales took place quite some time ago. It’s possible the sale price of was brought down a bit because of what happened with

In any case, it looks like is going to have a new home soon, and I think the $350,000 price was pretty good.

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Original article: Sold for $350,000 via Sedo’s Great Domains Auction

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