PuppyFind is a website that, as the brand name suggests, helps people find puppies. The company just sent an email to its mailing email list announcing an upcoming rebrand. Beginning on March 1, the company will become known as Puppies.com. In addition to the shorter rebrand, the company will also update its website.

From what I can tell using the Whois History tool at DomainTools, it looks like the parent company of PuppyFind has owned Puppies.com for nearly ten years. It appears the company acquired Puppies.com around June of 2012. Prior to that, the domain name was registered under Whois privacy at Internet.bs, and it had Hitfarm name servers. This leads me to believe Puppies.com had been owned by a domain investor prior to the acquisition.


Smartly, the company also owns the singular Puppy.com domain name. Like Puppies.com, Puppy.com currently forwards to the PuppyFind.com website. Puppy.com has been owned longer than Puppies.com, as it appears to have been acquired by the company sometime between 2003 – 2004.

I looked at NameBio, and I do not see any sales history for Puppies.com or Puppy.com. I also searched through my email to see if I could find any brokerage or auction listings, and I came up empty. I would imagine the sale prices of Puppies.com and Puppy.com will remain private.

I think rebranding as Puppies.com is a smart move for PuppyFind as it will allow them to expand its brand recognition beyond helping people find a puppy.


Thanks to Hugh for sharing this with me.

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