$65,000+ to be donated to Code.org as part of the campaign towards increasing access to Computer Science among young women and students from marginalised communities

Radix has successfully wrapped up it’s “My Start In Tech” campaign and raised over $65,000 for Code.org.

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Dubai – [August 9, 2021] — .Tech Domains, owned and operated by Radix, today announced the completion of its highly successful #MyStartInTech campaign in association with domain industry leaders that include Domain.com, GoDaddy Pro and Namecheap. The campaign was designed to raise awareness about the lack of access to computer science among young women and students from marginalized communities. As part of the campaign, .Tech Domains and the campaign partners will be donating 100% of .Tech domain sales proceeds through May and June, amounting to $65,000+, to Code.org, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools.


The tech industry is historically plagued by stark underrepresentation of gender, race, ethnicity, geography, and family income. In fact, Code.org data shows that as of 2020, less than half of high schools in the United States teach foundational computer science, despite the fact that the number of job openings in the space have been multiplying year over year. The pandemic has further worsened this gap; disproportionately affecting students from already underrepresented groups, especially since Covid-19 forced millions into remote or socially-distanced classrooms.

“We are proud of the awareness we’ve been able to create with #MyStartInTech campaign for this incredibly important issue,” said Suman Das, Sr. Director of Brand Operations, .Tech Domains. “Amassing more than 5 million impressions, this campaign not only illustrates how deep this issue goes in the United States, but also that there is a passion to learn more about it, solve it, and ultimately create an ecosystem that prioritizes equal access to computer science education in schools.”

The campaign was supported by many notable figures from the tech industry such as Jason Calacinus, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, podcaster; Linus Sebastian, founder of YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips with 13.5M+ subscribers, and many more.

The campaign also included a series of educational webinars, hosted in association with GoDaddy Pro and Major League Hacking (MLH), that cumulatively garnered 45,000+ attendees tuning in to hear experts discuss the staggering statistics surrounding the lack of access to computer science in schools across the U.S., what they mean for the future of tech education, and how the tech community could come together to widen access to computer science in schools.

Speaking about the campaign, Elpida Moutsiou – Global Marketing Manager, Domains at Namecheap, said, “Everything we do at Namecheap is driven by our mission to keep the Internet open, free, and safe for everyone. When our partner Radix reached out to us to collaborate on a program that supports access to computer science to more young people, we just had to go all in! It is our belief that computer science is fundamental for everyone, everywhere. Code.org’s mission to teach computer science to young women, and students from marginalized communities, is one we are proud to support by donating all our proceeds for .TECH domain sales during this two month period.”


For more information on the campaign, visit www.startin.tech.

About .Tech Domains

Launched in 2015, .Tech is a leading new domain extension for the tech industry. Over 350K domains and 5 years later, .Tech is in use by some of the world’s most cutting-edge startups and businesses; as well as widely-known industry leaders, content creators, and tech communities. Some of .Tech’s notable use cases include www.ces.tech (Consumer Electronic Show), www.aurora.tech (world-renowned mobility startup), www.viacom.tech (Viacom Inc), www.insight.tech (Intel), among many others. .Tech is owned and operated by Radix, one of the largest registries for new domain extensions across the globe.

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