Registrar of the year poll opens at Namepros – Can anyone beat Dynadot?

The 2021 Registrar of the year voting has opened at Namepros. The poll will run through the end of the year.

Over the years we have seen GoDaddy decline and Dynadot ascend.

GoDaddy with over 52% in 2016

GoDaddy wins in 2017

18 months later NameSilo won

Epik won the early 2020…gistrar-in-the-business-2020-edition.1179681/

Dynadot won end of the year 2020

As I stated in this year’s thread,

Not to be mean or rude but it’s always going to come down to 1 of 5 registrars as the winner in my opinion.

Dynadot, Epik, Namecheap, GoDaddy, NameSilo a couple others who have been up and coming like Porkbun and Sav.

At Namepros these are the five registrars that resonate the most and have been at the top of every poll.

Registrar Response

Should registrar’s care? Brad Mugford mentioned that he thought GoDaddy should have someone dedicated to the largest domainer forum in the world.

He wrote:

There are a lot of common complaints when it comes to GoDaddy’s system and domain management. GoDaddy would probably do well to collect this feedback from the investment community.

@Paul Nicks and @Joe Styler do all they can do on NamePros while also having a full time job, but for a large domain forum it would probably make sense to dedicate more resources here.

This is a multi-billion dollar company. You figure dedicating one or a handful of people to a full time job would make sense as a liaison between GoDaddy and the largest domain investment forum.

I often wonder if domain investors are just taken for granted. Companies know if you want to get the expired names worth money you are going to have to come to us.

GoDaddy as brand cares about small business, the builders, the dreamers. You don’t ever see an ad on TV that says, “Hey become a domain investor and let use be your guide.”

Dynadot has found the magic sauce when it comes to Namepros members. The company had just 9% of the vote in 2017 and won in 2020 with 40.8%. They are way out in front so far in 2021.

There is a lot of anticipation about one our advertisers getting into the registrar space. DAN will be rolling out either Q4 2021 or Q1 2022.

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