One thing I’m super interested in–and always on the lookout for, is niche-specific domain marketplaces (or a page with listings on a larger-than-just-a-domain-marketplace-but-still-very-niche-specific site). I know of a few that I’ve kept an eye on–and one that I’ve built myself (try and guess which) that still has a lot of work to be done:

There’s this one about crypto domains.

A marijuana domains page on a site about cannabis.

This cool-ass drone domains site.

I’m not talking about, like, the “solar” keyword section on SquadHelp or something, but an actual site dedicated to a certain subject.

Do you know of any sites like that? I want to know them. Leave a comment. Don’t just promote your listings or something cuz you weren’t paying attention (or just don’t care). I’m gonna be all up in the comments deleting that…


I know I’m setting myself up for disappointment, but I also really want people to share these sites with me if they know of any… Names at Auction – Nice pronounceable 3-letter .io. What does it mean?! Who knows. How about… ‘Women Or Men.’ – Another! Let’s go with… The King’s Rodeo – Dunno what Bazz is, though. I googled it, it’s a light brand in Canada.


There’s about 100 or so .xyz names at auction via Catched. No one-word knockouts, but plenty of good SLDs. Here’s a sample: – NFTs, obviously – I’m really for mine NO WAIT, I’M NOT, NEVERMIND. – All day every day until I go crazy and try to murder my family at The Overlook Hotel. – Also NFTs, probably?

Sedo – It’s not for me but… it’s for someone… – Dunno, nice 4-letter .com. KIND OF pronounceable? – An inviting name… .ai

Namejet – You bring the marsh, I bring the mallow–not sure what we’ll do with this .org though. – Buttercup. Decent .io brand. – The .org works here, I like it for a big build out (you better bring your wallet, though. Not an easy space to compete in). – Feel straight out of a Circuit City magazine circa 1995


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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, February 13th, 2022

Godaddy Domains With Bids – Big price. Do I even need to promote it? Click through anyway and watch it as a spectator. GoDaddy thinks it’s worth $1900 but they are WRONG. – 2 8 4 8 who do we appreciate?! That’s not how it goes… – Love this name a whole lot. Would probably be better as Elite Labs, though. Still like it… – I’m a crypto peasant, isn’t saying “Blockchain Ledger” kind of… redundant? – Not it. Interesting brand though. I can see this being a fun CBD brand four years ago. – circa 1776 – Eventually it’ll be a political slogan. – Like it as a brand, dunno what it does! Does it boldly tho! – I like this for a real estate investing site or something. Like MicroAcquire but for short term rentals or whatever the big buzzword thing is now. – Responsibly. – How to name a cannabis brand: grab “leaf” and knock a dictionary off the shelf. Point to a word, there’s your brand. – I feel like the people building out kindred collective aren’t also the kind of people that’re gonna pay a lot for it. – Make it! Nice marketing brand. Memorable. – Score a deal at Deal Dudes! Get this electric toothbrush–regularly $142 for only three easy payments of $19.99! – Short and memorable medical name makes a nice brand, I think.

The Whole Basket of Domain Names With Bids That You Should Check Out and Click on Them, The Domains, In Their Basket…

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