Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, February 6th, 2022

Welcome to Shane and Sean’s weather blog…

What a storm that was! We only got about 11″ of snow here in central Vermont, but WOW, it felt like more. The snow has moved on and the temperatures have dropped into the -10 range overnight last night. This is my first winter out here, so, still getting used to all this.

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Sure is pretty, though.

We had a fun miscommunication with the people that supply us with oil for our furnace (we have a 275 gallon tank in the basement). I thought we were on auto-deliver and was shocked to see the fuel gauge at almost empty on Thursday morning, just before the storm was about to hit.

“Sorry, we’re not driving in this storm.”

I get it, but, made for a few hard days. We kept the thermostat pegged at 55 degree F to conserve enough heat to make sure the pipes wouldn’t freeze overnight (was about 15 degrees colder than that in the basement consistently) and we wouldn’t run furnace during the day.

Really quite a lot of fun.

They are making an emergency delivery this morning though, which is awesome. I can’t wait to go back to not having to think about the house’s temperature…

Hope you’re warmer than I am…

Domains of the Day: 30 .com domains — Cannabis related
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Catched – wOw, holy big bids, this name is going places. – I… don’t know what this word means. I tried to Google it, but failed. I’m surprised to see this .info (!!) domain getting some action. – Couple bids on an .mx–don’t see THAT every day… – .partners…

Sedo – one-word .xyz–so hot right now. – maven = expert. Solid brand… – Smart home brand.

Namejet – big ole keyword. But a .net… – Gimme the sauce. Tough play with a .org. – Same.

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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, February 6th, 2022

Godaddy Domains With Bids

Reclaiming – reclaimed wood comes to mind, or maybe reclaiming green spaces, so an eco play? Either way, strong one-word .com. – Decent .net education-related brand. – Some people like numbers. Some other people like 8s… – Eco name? – A P2P payment solution for gamers. I can see that… – Long name but solid brand. – Don’t be a dummy, get estate smart. – I dunno what a solar wash is, but it sounds clean! Super clean energy… get it? – Sounds nice, I’ll have one of those please! @Shane, AirBNB opportunity at the nursery? – Long, as media names go, but has a mysterious and enigmatic ring to it. – Having bought a fund name myself (420Fund) I’m interested to see how fund names perform. This one looks like it’s doing OK… – Good credit/bankruptcy name (unless your debt is student loans, then you gotta die with that shit, you can’t shake it off, otherwise). – Definitely coming for the SEO and authority, but it’s not that good of an SEO Name (sorry! But it’s not). Overpriced already.

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