Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, March 27th, 2022


I’m back from New York. What a big and intimidating city with delicious bagels.

I thought I’d help my life be calm and simple going forward, so my wife and I adopted two 6 month old kittens today.

It was nice knowing you…

PS — I’m selling some cannabis website/domain assets in the five and six figure range. Really premium stuff. Holler at me if you’re a possible buyer (and you’ve got the cheddar). sem @ hey . com


You know it… Names at Auction – Could be a social media thing, in addition to, …like, a literally amplifier (or amp software). – I like it. Come and outbid me. – Animal = solid brand play.

Catched – Not quite a hack, but a memorable name! – Same! Would be good if you could sell it to a… marketing agency called this or something, rather than an actual cafe, cuz they probably won’t pay so much… – There are 10 million businesses name “McLeod.”

Sedo – – Not sure if an English word on a Spanish TLD works, but… if it does, you’re welcome! – Great AI brand in the music recording or instrumentation space. Hopefully you can also acquire – Big industry. Fits in with .ai, I think.

Namejet – Exclaim! .Net! There, I did it. – I feel like this would be a good brand for a recipe site circa 2005 or even 2010, but not sure what other value it has…

Sponsored – Coupon site for moms?

Godaddy Domains With Bids – Just the kind of laptop I was looking to buy, yes. – Kind of generic, which… can be good or bad. Everything is going virtual, so… a name rising with a trend. – Is this a thing? I don’t Linux… – Exudes “off the beaten path” or could relate to crypto? “Here’s a guide on shitcoins…” you get it. – Much safer than actual cars! – Another nice brand name circa 2007 – I feel like the build out of this is one of those ecom products that quietly does $2mil in revenue a year and no one has any idea. – Super edgy brand. – All about that SEO profile (but what could you do with a name like this? Trick question: Malaysian casino site is the answer).

Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, March 27th, 2022 – A killer telescope-focused niche site.

Domains… With Bids.

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