Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, March 6th, 2022

Happy Sunday!

Go and buy some domains. 🙂 Names at Auction – Short and highly brandable .gg — should really see some action! – Not sure if a VC company would want to brand itself “work,” but… it’s a short common word, so probably not a bad pick-up!

Sponsored – Though it probably doesn’t make sense in the AG sector, DEX = decentralized exchange, so blah blah cryptocurrency someone is gonna want this, probably.

Catched – One of the worst ways to brand oneself, “guru,” but that’s just me. Lots of people like that branding style + this is Web3 so you know it’s gonna get some attention… – Not sure what a BPro is, but it’s got a couple of bids, so I guess SOMEone knows what BPro is… – Motobikes–not quite a word, not quite a domain hack either…

Sedo – …I dunno. What does do these letters look like to you? – Kind of a big reserve, but I just love the name Libra.

AutonomousDrone .net – APPARENTLY this name gets some traffic. I’d like to see those receipts tho…

Namejet – If you can’t be one, might as well own the name domain name… .net. – You could make some money with the right audience… – For those moments where you find yourself living in Illinois and also you need a job…

GoDaddy Domains With Bids – Big valuation, solid bid. A very boring and generic business-y name (but that’s what gives it its power!). – Hate it. Sounds painful. Keep that dental jet away from my poor teeth! – Solid two-word brand, here. I can see it being a real biz.

Sponsored – Great name for a build out – Sounds super serious. Security for the whole globe… – And this is how they get it done. – Sounds like a position at a company that didn’t exist 10 years ago, but will be standard 10 years from now (yanno, here’s hoping!) – Sign me up. Start a Caribbean sailing business and write all that shit off. – This is an easy, no-brainer domain for a music teacher or a vocal coach (one of my favorite genres of Youtube is “vocal coach reacts to X” kind of videos). – Fun brand. I like it. – Big money name! Got a BIG OLE BID – Not quite as sexy as Caribbean sailing… – Interesting brand. Or restaurant. Or science lab. I’d def. go there. – People pay a lot of money to do this. Good name for a branding agency as well…

Or What? You’ll Show Me The Domains, or the Bids? Or the Domains With Bids on Their Auction and When They’re Clicked They Shoot Bids At You?

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