Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

No Shane for a Day today, sorry! You’re stuck with me.

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Here’s today’s fantastic list of domains! Names at Auction – As domain hacks go, .to has a lot of potential. I love what this brand could be. Great flower delivery service (and a big-money industry).

Sponsored – Really great short, punchy .vc. – Make a splash! Fun, short brand on a .gg — I can see this doing well as .gg grows…

Catched – Dunno what is a .cl, but a “Token” SLD shouldn’t do TOO bad. – Be a pro… about queens? Maybe a beekeeping name? – Short. Not sure about .bio but I love the shortness of it, and “sun” is a great left-side-of-the-dot. – .fi names… not really heating up, but quietly simmering. Maybe they’ll be bigger someday, as a finance name? Artemis is a strong brand in any TLD — in Greek Myth Artemis is goddess of the hunt, the wild, and the moon. You could do worse…

Sedo – Means “nothing” in latin (also, apparently this isn’t an auction but I thought it was? It’s a buy now AND includes the instagram handle @nihil, which is pretty cool). – Bit of a timely name, popularity-wise. – When your first 6 CRMs let you down, turn to CRM7.

Namejet – Of limited use at best. – Well, no one will be confused about what your site does… – Short poker name. Those def. have a market. – Kind of a negative connotation… but could maybe be a good discount jewelry brand?

Godaddy Domains With Bids – Unbelievable price. You better bring some coin to this wallet fight. But let’s take a moment and acknowledge the REAL winner, here: GoDaddy. – Super amazing brand for pet sitting. Even would be one degree worse than This could also be a really sharp chair ecommerce store. This is definitely getting the price it deserves…

Sponsored – Long but direct. If you’re a wholesale distributor, this name is foryou. – Good shopping/savings/coupon brand. Before you buy, check out the PriceMap! tm – Gotta have big money to build one of these, but this doubles as a solid lead gen name for someone selling solar services. – Amazing health brand. Love it. – A shampoo product! Also, possibly a cryptocurrency? If true, their current domain sucks and they’d love to have this one (you know, if their coin is worth anything. If it’s not BTC or ETH I don’t know about it, so I’m already over my head on this one… – Another amazing brand! Good list today at GoDaddy. CanineNutrition is a 10/10 dog brand/ecom store. – Solid .org. Solid, dependable tugboat. Great .org. – Bed-cooling products are pretty popular. This is as good a name as any! – I dunno what kind of product this thing sells, but I expect it’s gonna cost a lot of $$$. – Really hope this ends up somewhere it should be. GIANT price on it currently. – Perfect name for someone in this industry. Who’s gonna emerge victorious from this auction? – An SEO domain 100%.

Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

Domains With Bids, Because We Like the Bids


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