Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, May 26th, 2022

It’s Thursday.

Here are some domain names @ auction to consider. Names at Auction – some solid bids for this very online marketing name. – if you’re not quite feeling spicy, maybe you’re feeling zesty? – big industry, but can .pro carry it?

Catched – any Sofia’s out there? Good chance to get your first name in SOME extension, even if it’s not in the top 10…

Sponsored – electric/gas utility name. Has a higher bid than I would have guessed. – sounds like a product that sells well: either a bite guard for your teeth at night, or a dog muzzle.

Sedo – pronounceable 4-letter. A drug or a musician, from a quick Google search – teeeechnically pronounceable. – that’s right, SEDO is having a big ole 4-letter auction right now.

Namejet – my investment strategy (it’s not going well…) – you’d think to really rank well with a site like this (and be relevant, I guess?) you’d need to have a URL. – buy it, build a blog, get an LLC, write-off your journey to bad cholesterol numbers.

Godaddy Domains With Bids – sun = great brand. bet = $$$ industry. Together? A good domain, indeed. – the .com is an education platform with 45 million users. Probably gives the .org some value, but depending on how you use it, could open you up to some legal trouble, so tread carefully! – 4N .com

Sponsored – great name for a travel-related website (are those still a thing?) – awesome name for a .com, not sure how well it works for a .org… – Jennifer Lopez move (but probably makes a good battery-related site as well). – the tiniest caskets. 😢 – sounds like the kind of knife that’ll cost you a few car payments to acquire. – cue Sam Elliot voice: here at Simple Meta… – news site for the Kool Kids… – boring payroll company that quietly does $50m in profit/yr kind of vibes… – if you’re keen to get in on the complete opposite of a lucrative niche. – memorable…

GoDaddy Domains At Auction With Bids For Your Careful Consideration

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