Stay on Top of Your NameJet Wins

When you win a domain auction, the domain name should be pushed to your registrar account within a reasonable amount of time after paying. Based on some recent experience at NameJet, domain buyers should keep track of their NameJet auction wins to ensure the domain names are properly provisioned.

On April 23rd, I won a private auction at NameJet. I try my hardest to stay away from private auctions at NameJet and think I do a good job of avoiding them. I particularly liked this one and the price was right. On May 4th, I realized I had not yet received the domain name and submitted a support ticket to NameJet. NameJet support responded to me quickly, and by May 5th, the domain name was transferred to my Network Solutions account.

I don’t know what would have happened had I not submitted a ticket after 11 days. Perhaps NameJet or the seller would have noticed the domain name wasn’t transferred, but who knows. Domain names are usually provisioned within a few days.

On May 12th, I won two uncontested auctions for expiry names that had been owned by New Venture Services (NVS). I believe NVS is a sister company to NameJet and is part of Newfold Digital. The next day, I received two “Provisioning Complete” emails. The emails said, “You will receive a confirmation e-mail with account access information from Network Solutions within 48 hours.” The emails indicated that the domain names would be in my primary account at Network Solutions.

I never received the follow up emails from Network Solutions. When I checked my Network Solutions account this morning, neither domain name is there. Thinking they were in a different account of mine, I attempted to transfer them to this account, which should be free since it’s just an account change. No luck. To continue with the transfer, I would have to pay a “1-time Service Fee — Includes 1st year free.” Instead, I reached out to my Account Manager (who is always super helpful) and asked her to resolve.

Fortunately, my portfolio is small enough that I can keep track of my auction wins fairly easily. I should not have to do this though. I can somewhat understand when a seller is late with an account change or transfer, but it’s still annoying to have to follow up. I think NameJet or one of its sister companies should control domain names in auction so they can guarantee fulfillment, but I am not sure if that is SOP.

If you are a domain auction participant, be sure you are tracking your wins to ensure you gain control of the domain names.

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