Still not rebranded to :DomainGang

Clubhouse .io : Still not rebranded to

Still not rebranded to :DomainGang

Clubhouse – the .io kind

Clubhouse, the project management app creators, switched from to due to mass confusion with the social media giant by the same name.

Operating from, the social media platform obliterated the chances that had to maintain a distinct brand of its own.

At the end of July, announced it’s switching to a new name, and that name was not as some anticipated. is the new name for, but that rebranding has yet to materialize.

For now, the domain is a …shortcut to the, redirecting there. There’s no indication about when the full rebranding will occur but it’s already been two weeks since that announcement.

That’s why it’s important to pick the best domain name for your brand early on, or at least, the best extension for a brand that might or might not be the best—at least, it’d be on the .com with zero expected chances of confusion.

Still not rebranded to :DomainGang

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