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Rundong Li one of the readers of reached out to me after seeing the sale of to inform of his sale earlier in the year of for $20,000 USD

Rundong is a digital media entrepreneur focused on video content strategy and development. Domaining is a hobby investment for him but he has done well closing some five figure sales.

The domain was purchased back in 2015 on Ebay at $200 USD.

It was then held for around 6 years, and it got sold at $20,000 USD this summer doing outbound via LinkedIn.

However once Rundong reached the end user, it still took a further six months of negotiations to agree a final sales price.

Rundong Li, linkedin profile and domain portfolio Domain Hen can be found on these links where you can see some of his domains such as,,,,,

He notes his biggest domain name achievement was that I bought at 0.99 cents and sold it for $20,000 to facebook.

I have been provided the document that proves the completed sale of and wanted to say thanks Rundong for sharing your sale and congratulations to the buyer of Student Coin who currently forwards it to there developed dot org website.


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