Swetha hits back and shares over $500K evidence in XYZ fees


One of the greatest aspects of the domain name community is that it’s rather small and most of the conversations happen in a handful of places, one of those is NamePros.com and during a thread shared regarding the sale of Otherside.XYZ, a few people made some comments for which they are entitled to do about the XYZ portfolio that Swetha owns, and for transparency, Swetha shared her spending at West & Dynadot where she holds the majority of her .xyz domain names you can see from the two extracts below nearly $600K with these two registrars.

Hate or Love GTLDs – Swetha certainly is invested with 20,000 names and has made some nice sales over the past few years from her portfolio but like all investments, they come with a cost.

You can read the full story over at NamePros and learn more about why Swetha shared that information.

Swetha spends $416,586 USD with West.xyz

Swetha spends $139,306 USD with Dynadot.com


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