There was a two way bidding war on Monday at Drop Catch for The back and forth started at around $200 and went up to close at $1,600.

Originally registered in 1998 the domain name looked to be owned by someone involved with Ms. Hewitt’s music career. While most know her as an actress in things like Can’t Hardly Wait, I know what you did last summer and Party of Five. Jennifer has also recorded music.

The registrant was owned by Love Songs, Inc. C/o of Gregory J. Chamberlain. Googling Mr.Chamberlain shows he has been involved with a lot of artists. Including the Estate of Michael Jackson.

The domain name back in 2003 forwarded to with a minisite for Ms. Hewitt on there. In 2004 it was on The site had a footer that said Zomba Recording Corporation.

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In 2019 the domain name started forwarding to the Instagram account for Ms. Hewitt.

Then in 2020 it sold for $250 at GoDaddy. The registration date 11/17 1998, so it going to auction and closing on 12/21/20 makes sense after it was not renewed. So I am not sure why it expired and dropped on October 8, 2021. Maybe someone deleted it after getting a cease and desist? I don’t know.

All over the place with Celebrity Domain Names

It will be interesting to see if there is a UDRP filed by Ms.Hewitt, or an affiliated party. It’s always a mixed bag of results with celebrity domain names.

In July we saw and expire. Rob saw his name go for roughly the same as Ms.Hewitt, $1,675. Channing Tatum’s name closed at $551.

It really is disappointing that no one has told these celebs they should lock down their name in .com and make sure it’s regged 10 years out. expired in 2017 and is now at DAN with a $10,000 asking price. It went for $1,051 at DropCatch back in 2017.

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