The Domain Name Story Behind

Wayfair is one of Amazon’s largest competitors. The publicly traded company (W on the NYSE) has a market capitalization of nearly $25 billion. While is a major brand name today, the company started out by purchasing and utilizing solid keyword .com domain names and building out websites on them. Ten years ago, the company that had been known as CSN Stores rebranded as Wayfair, and the rest is history.

The move off of individual keyword domain name brands and into one larger umbrella brand turned out to be a prescient decision as Google changes deemphasized the search engine value of keyword matching .com domain names. Instead of smaller websites operating individually, the company wisely chose to operate under an umbrella brand name called Wayfair.

Last week on Twitter, Jesse Pujji (who runs the 3-1-4 newsletter) shared a history of the Wayfair, and it is worth a read. He discusses the company’s start as a domain name and SEO play and shared how it grew from there:

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