These 70 large companies can benefit from upgrading their domains

These companies could upgrade to a brand matching or .com domain.

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The more I study end users in China, the more I am convinced there is great potential in the Chinese domain market. Many Chinese companies can benefit from acquiring better domains as upgrades.

Such opportunities can be found, for example, in the Top 100 Chinese Multinational Corporations in 2020 list (in Chinese) published by the China Enterprise Directors Association (Ceda) that I came across recently. It shows that a whopping 70% of the multinational companies may need a domain upgrade to join the club of global players.

Here’s the result of my research.

Ranking Chinese English Domain
1 中国石油 CNPC*
2 中信集团 Citic
3 中国石化 Sinopec
4 中国远洋海运集团 COSCO*
5 腾讯 Tencent
6 中国海油 CNOOC*
7 中化集团 Sinochem
8 中国化工集团 ChemChina
9 华为 Huawei
10 国家电网 State Grid*
11 联想 Legend*
12 中国交建 China Communications Construction*
13 中国铝业 Chalco*
14 越秀集团 Yuexiu
15 中国建筑 China State Construction*
16 中国五矿 China Minmetals
17 吉利 Geely
18 中国电建 Power China*
19 中广核 CGN*
20 兵器工业集团 Norinco*
21 潍柴 Weichai
22 美的 Midea
23 海尔 Haier
24 洛阳钼业 China Molybdenum
25 万洲国际 WH Group*
26 国家电投 SPIC*
27 中国华能 Huaneng*
28 中粮集团 COFCO
29 中国能建 China Energy Engineering Corporation*
30 绿地 Greenland*
31 光明食品 Bright Food
32 兖矿集团 Yankuang*
33 首创集团 Beijing Capital Group*
34 苏宁 Suning
35 河钢 HBIS*
36 中国铁建 CRCC*
37 沙钢 Shagang*
38 中国中铁 CREC*
39 中国有色集团 CNMC*
40 紫金 Zijin Mining*
41 中国移动 China Mobile
43 中国宝武 Baowu*
44 华电 CHD*
45 云投 YIG*
46 海信 HiSense
47 三一 Sany*
48 中国电子 CEC*
49 上汽集团 SAIC Motor*
50 恒逸 Hengyi
51 中兴 ZTE*
52 如意 Ruyi*
53 中国南方电网 CSG*
54 中集 China International Marine Containers
55 国机 Sinomach*
56 金川集团 Jinchuan*
57 青山 Tsingshan*
58 首钢 Shougang*
59 上海电气 Shanghai Electric*
60 华夏幸福 China Fortune Land*
61 国投 SDIC*
62 万向 Wanxiang
63 东航 China Eastern Airlines*
64 云南能投 YEIG*
65 中国建材 CNBM*
66 中国中车 CRRC*
67 北京电控 Beijing Electronic Holding Co*
68 华发 Huafa*
69 中国化学 China National Chemical Engineering*
70 中国联通 China Unicom
71 金风 Goldwind
72 协鑫 GCL*
73 首农 CAG*
74 新华联 MacroLink*
75 青岛城市建设 Qingdao City Development Group*
76 青建 CNQC
77 魏桥 Weiqiao*
78 鞍钢 Ansteel*
79 北京建工 BCEG*
80 浙江能源 Zhejiang Energy Group*
81 中国电信 China Telecom*
82 新希望 New Hope*
83 广晟 Guangdong Rising Assets Management*
84 铜陵有色 Tong Ling You Se*
85 长电 JCET*
86 复星 Fosun
87 万华 Wanhua*
88 白银有色 BNMC*
89 中国信科 CICT
90 大唐国际 Datang*
91 东方国际 Orient International Holding*
92 海亮 Hailiang
93 北控 Beijing Enterprises Group*
94 云南建投 YCIH*
95 雅戈尔 Youngor
96 海螺 Conch*
97 中国黄金 China National Gold Group*
98 上海建工 Shanghai Construction Group*
99 通用技术 Genertec*
100 徐工 XCMG

* indicates upgrade to a brand-matching .com is beneficial.

67% of the companies are already using .com, so a transition from .cn to .com is natural. For example, CNPC can upgrade from to CNPC .com (parked).

Many companies still fail to understand the importance of brand matching. Instead, they add a prefix or suffice to their brand when selecting a domain. Some examples are Ruyi operating from and JCET from Ruyi .com (does not resolve) and JCET .com (for sale) would be the desired upgrades.

Sometimes, brand-matching may not be obvious. Look at COSCO Shipping. You may think is brand-matching. However, the company is actually referred to as “COSCO” so COSCO .com would be better. Similar examples are (Ansteel) and (SAIC).

The good news for investors from the west is that you don’t have to own Pinyin domains in order to sell to China. 36% of the companies use English-based domains and only 8% use Pinyin domains. Examples of English-based brands are HiSense, Legend, and Goldwind.

So, you may want to study the list and see if you own any domains which just happen to lie in the upgrade path of some of the companies. Domains that can serve as upgrades are very valuable.

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