This Dot com previously Sold for ,000 USD has only 0 Bids ends today… –

Sponsored previously sold for $20,000 USD on the 5th of January 2020 at Uniregistry so just over two years ago, The domain name has been registered since 31st of December 2003 making it a little over 18 years old.

It was part of the portfolio for several years but appears to have changed ownership in 2016 between April and September from the whois records that we can see when it went under privacy, at that time the domain name sale price was not known, fast forward 4 years and it then sold at Uniregistry…

The domain name appeared to have been acquired by PT Vertika Technologies Nusantara, which launched a site on but then towards the end of last year it stopped resolving and had a 403 Server Error message, other sites that I came across linked to PT Vertika Technologies Nusantara, was an Indonesian insurance company so I am not sure if was just a side project that never took off and then has accidentally expired.

Will you be bidding on I suspect with less than 5 hours remaining it will break into the four figures at the time of writing it was only $900, click here to check the latest price.


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