Three recent numeric domain sales and possible Chinese meanings

Here are some possible uses for these recent NNNN domain sales.

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When reading recent domain sales recently, I came across three interesting numeric domains ending with either 98 or 99, which are familiar to Chinese consumers as having the meanings of “being rich for a long time” or “for a long long time,” respectively.

The three domains are 2698 .com (sold for $18,656 on September 1 at GoDaddy), 8499 .com ($82,000 on September 6 at GoDaddy), and 9599 .com ($10,099 on July 16 at Sedo), according to Namebio.

2698 .com rhymes with An Lu Jiu Fa (安路久发 = safe road of being rich forever) and Er Lou Jiu Ba (二楼酒吧 = drinking bar at second floor), which can be used for investment and drink services respectively.

8499 .com rhymes with Ban Shi Jiu Jiu (办事舅舅 = the uncle who handles work) and Ba Shi Jiu Jiu (霸世久久 = lord over the world for a long long time), which can be used for business services and general fields, respectively.

9599 .com rhymes with Jiu Wu Jiu Jiu (酒屋99 = wine house No. 99) and Jiu Wo Jiu Jiu (酒窝舅舅 = the uncle with a dimple), which can be used for wine services and general fields respectively.

Unlike longer numeric domains that are mostly traded among investors, 4N .com domains are actually used by end users in China, such as (games) and (info portal). I like their solid foundation.

To get an idea of other rhymes, see my guides to numeric domain rhyming 0-4 and 5-9.

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