What domains Coca-Cola and other end users bought

Coca-Cola was among the end user buyers at Sedo this past week.

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NFT and blockchain-related businesses continue to buy domain names. Sedo’s top sale this week was NFTchain.com for $88,000, and it also brokered BestNFT.com for €12,500. It’s not clear who bought these domains. You’ll notice other blockchain-related buys in the list below.

The biggest brand name on the list is Coca-Cola, which bought a domain for a type of hard seltzer beverage.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

Elka.de €11,900 – Elka is an access control company (think physical access like gates). It uses the domain Elka.eu.

MFA.se €8,000 – MFA is short for Myndigheten for arbetsmiljokunskap, which is the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise. It collects, compiles, and communicates knowledge of what constitutes a good work environment and how that correlates with employee health, company productivity and profitability. It forwards this domain to Mynak.se.

PR-services.com $7,699 – Deutsche Plasser Bahnbaumaschinen GmbH offers train parts and repairs. I think PR is an abbreviation for its name.

PixelPix.com $6,900 – Pixel Pix is an NFT project.

Avelios.com $5,900 – Avelios Medical provides technology to health clinics.

Aiswei.com $5,799 – Aiswei is a solar power company. It forwards this domain to aiswei-tech.com.

EnergyCubes.com $5,799 – Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG is an energy company that got its start in mining and power plant operation. I wonder if this domain is for its large-format battery business.

Enclave.me $4,999 – This domain is being used for a crypto project.

BusinessNavi.com $4,995 – Accelerate Media Solutions GmbH, an app company, is listed as the registrant. The domain resolves to a page promoting BusinessNavi, a business dashboard tool.

LemonDou.com $4,900 – The Coca-Cola Company bought this domain for Lemon Dou,  a chūhai, which is a Japanese drink similar to hard seltzer. Coca-Cola has been expanding the markets where this product is sold.

Black-Mamba.com $4,888 – Whois lists LM Studio, a web development shop. The domain currently resolves to a page with a Black Mamba logo and “Conseils and Communication.” Conseils is French for advice.

Crediture.com $3,750 – Crediture says it is “re-inventing financial credit reporting to be fair, understandable, and secure for everyone by tapping into the next-generation power of blockchain technology.”

Moosey.com $3,125 – Moosey Wellness offers a health care plan for pets.

Confyde.com $2,699 – Lixir LLC is a company in New Hampshire that was incorporated in August. It is in the health care and social assistance space.

Alyos.com €2,490 – Alyos Technology manufacturers stretch ceilings, fabrics and canvasses. It uses the domain Alyos.eu.

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