What domain(s) will the new Beijing-based stock exchange acquire?

These are some domains the exchange might acquire. We’ll see what happens.

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China will have a new stock exchange in Beijing, but its formal name and commencement date are not decided yet. This gives us plenty of time to speculate on the domain(s) it will acquire.

On September 2, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a plan to set up a new exchange in Beijing to serve innovative small and medium-sized companies. This will make it the third major exchange after Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Beijing already has an exchange called Neeq, an over-the-counter (OTC) trading market that serves Chinese small and medium-sized companies. The announcement said that the new exchange will be based on Neeq, but I have not found any information to indicate whether Neeq will be absorbed into the new exchange or will remain independent.

To help our speculation, let’s look at the existing stock exchanges in China, as follows:

Shanghai Stock Exchange上海证券交易所SSESSE.com.cnBoth SSE.com and SSE.cn are developed.
Shenzhen Stock Exchange深圳证券交易所SZSESZSE.cnSZSE.com is developed and SZSE .com.cn is parked.
National Equities Exchange and Quotations新三板NeeqNeeq.com.cnNeeq.com is developed and Neeq .cn does not resolve.

Based on the information presented in the table, I speculate that the new exchange will be called “Beijing Stock Exchange” and the following domain candidates are possible.

BrandDomain candidate 1Domain candidate 2
BSEBSE .cn (not resolve)BSE.com.cn (developed already)
BJSEBJSE .cn (not resolve)BJSE .com.cn (not resolve)

Since the existing exchanges all operate from the .cn extension, I don’t expect the new exchange to venture into the .com world. Just for your interest, BSE .com is a personal site and BJSE .com does not resolve.

Therefore, my speculation is as follows: (1) BSE.cn, (2) BJSE.cn, and (3) BJSE.com.cn in that order. What would be yours?

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