Why a .org website focused on a boring topic sold for $5.2M

AllABoutCookies.org sold for $5.2 million dollars on Flippa last month. Website sale not domain name sale. The site according to Flippa is one of the top 500 most popular sites in the world based on Moz.com‘s Domain Authority metric.

What is even more incredible is this was just 100% Adsense. According to the article no other income generators such as affiliate programs. The site is not focused on the delicious, edible kind of cookies. The site is focused on general data privacy regulation compliance (GDPR), privacy, and web security.

Statistics from the article:

Here’s some outstanding features encompassing the site during the time of sale:

Passive in nature

An average of $56.8K monthly

267,000 monthly page views

100% Adsense (with substantial optimization opportunity)

92% margin 

50.8M organically acquired backlinks I 321K referring domains

Strong Search Engine Rankings Position (SERP) but with limited reliance given the enormous referrer traffic

When the website was acquired, it was generating over $300 per thousand page views consistently. In 2011, the website was averaging about $5 page RPM and around $400 RPM at the time of sale. 

To add even more credibility, the AdSense site is referred by big-name sites like NYT.com, Linkedin, Spotify.com, Amnesty.org, and Samsung.com.

Pretty incredible to me, kudos to the seller, that’s a great exit price.

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