Will Cannon on the 13 Best Internet Business Models In 2021
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Every week or two I get emails from readers on development ideas, where is the best market to delve into?

Will Cannon the founder of UpLead and Signaturely wrote a very thorough post over at Flippa that is worth reading.

Will breaks down 13 different business models and highlights the pros and cons. For those new to getting involved with starting an Internet business the post provides a good introduction.

One category Will included was Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation 

Online lead generation involves the promotion of products and services for other digital businesses. You get compensated when an individual fills a form, subscribes to an offer or service, orders a product’s trial run, or merely expresses their interest in a product/service.

  • Money Investment: Medium
  • Time investment: High
  • Potential value: Medium
  • Barriers to entry: Low


The online lead generation business model is a lucrative one. You can easily partner with the local businesses in your area and other cities and help them generate quality leads. This can help you eventually expand your business and earn higher revenue in the long term.


While it is a profitable business model, collaborating directly with lead generation websites can be a hassle and risky compared to other business models. Additionally, it’s a high investment and involvement business model. 

Read the full article on Flippa.

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