Would Elon Musk want to own this dot com?


The domain name EnterSpace.com has expired after 23 years and is being auctioned off over at GoDaddy, bidding has it at less than $1K and we know the space race is on to eventually make it publically affordable for companies such as Blue Origin, Space X & Virgin Galatic to shuttle us into space, this would make a great domain for them or anyone entering that space industry… did you like “entering space”… Well, at least I made myself laugh…

Other domain names that are on the list below for consideration have to be CheapLaptops.com, it previously sold for $3,500 USD and bids are only $530 USD… Great commissions on IT equipment if you operate an affiliate site, this one would make an awesome review site.

Check the rest of the names in expired auction drops below… Happy Hunting!


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Original article: Would Elon Musk want to own this dot com?

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