1. Wonder Woman: Allyson Felix. The new World Championships record holder. And a new mom. She won her 12th gold medal after giving birth 10 months ago and has put Usain Bolt in the slow lane. She also took part in a movement that pressured Nike to adjust its policies for female athletes. We all have a crucial part to play in working towards gender equality, but sometimes, women have to push a little further and work a little harder. But clearly, there isn’t much we can’t handle. I hope to see more women out there being vocal, being a mentor and breaking barriers.
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  3. Talk is cheap: I’ve heard lots of talk about diversity, inclusion and working towards a balanced playing field. Conversations about the issue are likely happening on a daily basis, but unfortunately, action is not. And without action, there is no impact. So, I’m encouraging you to take action this month and DO SOMETHING that will encourage, empower or excite women and girls to consider a career in tech.
  4. Diversity is key: As Rich Miller pointed out this week, diversity is critical to the data center industry’s future. And that holds true for any industry. Having a diverse workforce is just good business.
  5. With more data, comes more responsibility: 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last two years alone. As data generation increases and becomes more and more valuable, its security has been top of mind for c-suite executives and data center providers. If you deal with data and not obsessed with security, you need to rethink your strategy. Join leading cybersecurity and data center experts at CAPRE’s Texas Summit Nov 13-14 to learn about trends, tactics and opportunities within the industry.
  6. Get your head in the (northwest) cloud: There’s never a dull moment in the Pacific Northwest. Any opportunity to learn and talk with the big players in the tech and cloud industry, is an opportunity worth taking. So, I encourage you to come out to CAPRE’s Great Northwest Cloud Summit November 20-22, take part in the conversation and learn more about your data’s journey.

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Rima Raouda is VP & Director of Research for CAPRE’s International Data Center Series

CAPRE is pleased to announce the addition of Rima Raouda to its expanding staff of event professionals. In her new role, Rima will be overseeing research and production for CAPRE’s International Data Center Series. Rima joins CAPRE with over seven years of event management experience. Her diverse range of interests had lead her to roles with the United Nations, the Office of U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and most recently, MaRS Discovery District, a technology innovation hub. She has a passion for all things tech and making work meaningful. With an undergraduate degree from University of Toronto and a masters from New York University, she has built experience across both Canadian and U.S. geographies. To welcome Raouda to the CAPRE community, we asked her some questions about her latest observations on the data center arena, and explored why international developments & expansion is keeping the data center industry on their toes.

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