Cirrascale Cloud Services, a provider of public and private dedicated, multi-GPU cloud solutions enabling deep learning, has launched Data Science Workstations-as-a-Service as part of its dedicated, multi-GPU, deep learning cloud offerings.

Now, Cirrascale customers can receive dedicated, non-virtualized, next-level cloud-based workstations for their deep learning workflows. This allows them to gain the raw horsepower of a “modern” multi-GPU workstation.

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– Mike LaPan, vice president, Cirrascale Cloud Services –

Powered by the latest data science workstation hardware from BOXX Technologies, Cirrascale Data Science Workstations feature NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs for up to 260 teraflops of compute performance and 96GB of memory using NVIDIA NVLink interconnect technology, providing the capacity and bandwidth to handle the largest datasets and compute-intensive workloads.

“Our customers working with Autonomous Vehicle and Medical Imaging datasets are continuing to transition their deep learning workflows to the cloud,” said Mike LaPan, vice president, Cirrascale Cloud Services. “We were challenged by those who had already adapted 80% of their current workflows to the cloud to move their Data Science Workstations there as well. By providing these dedicated, non-virtualized workstations with the latest Quadro RTX GPUs, we’ve been able to close the loop and deliver to our customers that final piece.”

Deep Learning Workflow

With its addition of Data Science Workstations-as-a-Service, Cirrascale Cloud Services now provides customers with a complete, dedicated, cloud-based, deep learning workflow consisting of workstations, multi-tiered storage options (hot-tier and object store), as well as multi-GPU development and training servers. Cirrascale delivers its services at a flat weekly and monthly rate to customers with no egress charges for data transfers.


“Equipped with our Quadro RTX GPUs and CUDA-X AI acceleration libraries, the new breed of NVIDIA-powered data science workstations allows data scientists to develop predictive models faster and tap into 3D visualization and VR to get deeper insights,” said Bob Pette, vice president, Professional Visualization, NVIDIA. “With Cirrascale’s WaaS offering, data scientists have a powerful new option to transition their workloads to the cloud and increase productivity and revolutionize their business.”

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