best vps hosting

The best VPS hosting for you depends on a number of factors. One of them is the type of features you require. For example, do you need a dedicated IP address or the ability to scale? Whether you want a data center location or not will also determine which host is best for you.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web offers a variety of hosting solutions, ranging from Dedicated Servers to Cloud Hosting. They also offer a range of managed VPS accounts. These accounts give users the highest level of security and privacy, while offering superior performance.


All Liquid Web plans include a free SSL site encryption. In addition, they include PCI compliance scanning and DDoS attack prevention. Their servers run on premium hardware. The company offers a free migration to Linux.

The company also offers a number of custom hosting solutions to meet each customer’s needs. These include dedicated account managers, a content delivery network, and more. A good hosting provider must offer uptime and security features, as well as a reliable support system.

Liquid Web has been providing hosting services for more than two decades. Their support team is ready to respond to customers around the clock.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is an exemplary host that offers great performance, security, and a range of features. It is a logical choice for those looking for a host that can take their site to the next level.

A2 is a US-based hosting company that provides a broad range of services. Its offerings include shared, managed, and dedicated plans. In addition to the usual suspects, A2 has a number of unique offerings such as cloud powered VPS options. The company also has a wide range of support options, including phone, live chat, and tickets.

A2 Hosting is known for providing excellent customer support. They are available at all hours of the day or night. You can contact them by phone, email, and live chat. If you are having a problem, they can often help you resolve it in a matter of minutes.


Nexcess is an innovative provider of hosting solutions for large websites. They specialize in managed WordPress hosting and eCommerce solutions. Its products are built with the scalability of an enterprise environment in mind. Their products are a great fit for big and small companies alike.


The best part about the oh-so-long-named cloud-based platform is that it’s available at a reasonable price. Depending on the size of your organization, you can choose from a variety of hosting plans and add-ons.

Some of the features included in the platform include an advanced control panel, a content delivery network, and other cool perks. These features make your website perform at peak levels.

The platform also includes a free migration, automatic image compression, and SSL certificates. A CDN, or content delivery network, can help potential clients find your site and deliver pages quickly. This is useful if you have an eCommerce store that relies on fast page loads.


If you are looking for a virtual private server, you can’t go wrong with Bluehost. It is a renowned company that provides outstanding support and a wide variety of hosting options.

While it is not one of the cheapest hosting providers, it does offer a wide range of plans, including shared, dedicated, and VPS. All of them come with a free SSL certificate, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There are also optional extras that can be purchased to further enhance your hosting experience. You can choose to add an SSL Certificate, Cloudflare Premium, or SiteLock Security Essential to your account. The latter two are excellent for security and provide even more protection.

With this type of hosting, you get the flexibility to add on new features as you need them. Your site will not be shared with other users, and you can access full root access.

Dedicated IP vs Scalability vs Datacenter locations

Dedicated IP hosting and related services are a dime a dozen. There are so many to choose from that it can be a daunting task to zero in on the right one. However, a bit of legwork and a little ingenuity can be the key to a successful and stress free hosting experience. Most providers offer a variety of solutions from shared to ecommerce to virtual private servers. Regardless of the chosen host, a solid understanding of your needs will ensure a smooth ride. After all, your business deserves top notch service. Luckily, the industry is rife with quality providers whose customer service is second to none. And as with any other business, a reputable provider can help you grow your customer base and bolster your bottom line.