StackPath Unveils EdgeEngine Serverless Computing

StackPath, a global platform delivering CDN technology, secured edge services and more, has announced StackPath EdgeEngine – a “simple yet powerful” serverless computing service that lets developers run code at the cloud’s edge without a server, virtual machine, or container.
“The edge is the new frontier in cloud computing,” said Lance Crosby, co-founder and CEO of StackPath. “EdgeEngine gives developers the power to customize workloads at the edge without the burden or overhead of managing infrastructure. It’s just the first in a number of edge computing solutions we have in the works, and an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to control how data and traffic is handled right up to the point it reaches their end users, or where it hits their workloads.”
“The edge is the new frontier in cloud computing,” said Lance Crosby, co-founder and CEO of StackPath.
StackPath EdgeEngine is built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine and lets StackPath customers “simply” compose or paste scripts into the StackPath customer portal and assign them to routes on their delivery sites. The script is immediately deployed in all of StackPath’s advanced edge PoPs worldwide, ready to execute at the PoP closest to an end user whenever the designated script URL is called.
The StackPath EdgeEngine service is currently available as an add-on to StackPath CDN and Edge Delivery packages but will soon be available for use with any StackPath service, or as a standalone, and will support a wide number of languages.
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“Having the ability to create a dynamic user-experience at the edge is a total game changer,” said Ben Gabler, StackPath Senior Vice President, Product. “At StackPath, we can’t always predict every feature or use case that we will support, but today that’s no longer an issue. With the power of EdgeEngine the customer possibilities are endless.”
EdgeEngine would be ideal for a wide range of use cases, including:

Delivering personalized, dynamic and unique content based on request data –Modify end user experience directly from the edge instead of relying on client-side execution
Customizing security measures – Deploy scripts that execute before a request reaches content, such as blocking or allowing WordPress Administration
Building an API entry point or entire API gateway – Create scripts that designate specific routes (as many as desired) to a delivery site
Reducing total cost of operations – Handle computing tasks at the edge instead of sending them back to the origin, reducing origin compute workloads and data transfer
Improving overall end-user experiences – Process data from and reply to end users from the nearest edge PoP, lowering response time and enabling near-real-time network applications

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