Intermax Group Company NFIR Acquires Cyber Security Specialist True-xs

Intermax Group Company NFIR Acquires Cyber Security Specialist True-xs 1

intermaxNFIR, a company delivering forensic IT security and incident response services, has acquired cybersecurity specialist True-xs (True Access). Both companies are based in the Netherlands. NFIR is a joint venture between cloud & managed security specialist Intermax Group and ICT consultancy company Legian.

With the AVG being effectuated and the associated tightening of data protection regulations as well as data leak reporting, demand for advanced forensic IT services is increasing, stated NFIR.

By combining the expertise of True-xs and NFIR, the company’s specialists can be on site day and night, within a few hours, to control digital incidents such as CEO fraud or active hackers. In addition, following a security incident or data leak, the combined company would be able to secure immediate evidence and to contribute to legal proceedings. True-xs already has the necessary judicial permission to do so. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

intermax-nfir“Thanks to this acquisition, we are able to achieve our joint ambitions more quickly,” said Arwi van der Sluijs, managing director of the new combination. “We are growing as a company and we are combining our knowledge and experience. True-xs contributes, among other things, to the so-called Chief of Police approval. This means that all our employees are screened by the Police Department. We have obtained this approval thanks to our forensic expertise and the research permit we already had in our possession. Trust and expertise are crucial in our industry. True-xs’ staff will be transferred to NFIR while we’re planning to move to a joint office in The Hague in the near future.”

The Intermax Group is a Netherlands-based company established in 1994. The group of companies consists of Intermax Cloudsourcing, Bizway, Guardian360 and NFIR-True-xs. Together, they keep complex cloud infrastructures and advanced security services available 24/7. A total of 100 people are working there, each of whom is a specialist at the interface between cloud technology and cybersecurity.

Legian is an independent ICT consultancy firm that has been active for more than 20 years already with currently more than 150 specialist employees. Legian’s expertise focuses on ICT infrastructures, cybersecurity, sourcing and operational excellence.

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