Nexenta Unveils Enhanced Software Defined Storage for Multi Cloud Environments


nexentaOpen source-driven Software-Defined Storage provider Nexenta has announced the availability of NexentaStor 5.1.2, the newest version of Nexenta’s software-defined storage (SDS) for enterprise applications. Version 5.1.2 of Nexenta’s virtual deployed storage appliance would enable enterprises to expand their hyper-converged infrastructure and applications while providing ultimate workload flexibility.

NexentaStor’s unified storage software solution, version 5.1.2, provides secured enterprise file services for hyper-converged appliance users as well as VMware users with traditional block only storage arrays without any additional hardware purchase. The use of NexentaStor’s virtual storage appliance augments the hardware compatibility list for bare metal installations of NexentaStor. Some examples for optimizing the combination of NexentaStor and HCI include:

  • User Directories & Profiles – for VDI on HCI, adding NexentaStor would enable users to add rich NAS capabilities to server-based infrastructure without any additional hardware.
  • Branch Office Consolidation – NexentaStor uses scheduled replication to a central office or public cloud hosted repository for an “excellent” combination of local user file access and centralized protection.
  • Backup – Adding NexentaStor to HCI would enable customers to consolidate more workloads and make full use of available hardware resources by providing the NAS interface needed for backup applications.
  • Line of Business Applications – Linux and Windows applications migrated to HCI would often come with requirements for NFS and SMB file services with strong security and user access controls, making NexentaStor VSA a complement for Enterprise applications on HCI.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Increased security of PI data through data at rest encryption regardless of the encrypt-ability of the underlying HCI or traditional Storage

“NexentaStor VSA on Hyper-converged infrastructure adds mature and proven enterprise NAS file services without requiring any incremental hardware and eliminates the need to purchase a separate hardware appliance,” said Thomas Cornely, Chief Product Officer, Nexenta. “Our software-only, storage solution features a rich feature set including unlimited snapshots and clones, inline data reduction, thin provisioning and remote replication to any other NexentaStor or NexentaCloud in AWS instance.”

To trial, the latest version of Nexenta’s SDS portfolio for free, visit their website here.

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