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Everything You Need to Know About VPS Hosting

Everything You Need to Know About VPS Hosting 1
Most of the website owners begin utilizing shared web hosting. In time, as their site develops and requests more assets and capacities, they may require all the more dominant hosting choice. A Virtual Private Server is generally considered as the wandering stone between shared facilitating (shared web hosting) and committed facilitating (dedicated servers).

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Latest Hive Fabric Release From HiveIO Brings NVMe Caching and Graphics Acceleration

Everything You Need to Know About VPS Hosting 2
HiveIO, a company transforming commodity data center infrastructure into an ‘intelligent virtualization’ platform delivering virtual desktops, virtual servers, and software-defined storage, has released version 7.3 of Hive Fabric, an Artificial Intelligence-ready fabric solution that would enable organizations to deploy virtualization technology without the need for vendor complexity or specialists.

“Hive Fabric was developed with IT professionals in mind, helping them withstand common industry pain points like flexibility and usability,” said Dan Newton, CEO of HiveIO.

The latest software release provides Hive Fabric users with increased operational capabilities including graphics acceleration, NVMe caching, and configurable in-memory storage to further reduce the time needed to support a virtualization environment while also maximizing the performance, capacity, and spend on existing infrastructure.

“Hive Fabric was developed with IT professionals in mind, helping them withstand common industry pain points like flexibility and usability,” said Dan Newton, CEO of HiveIO. “The solution has helped IT in a variety of industries exceed their business goals by creating a virtualization solution that works with users, not against them. We’re continuing to grow with a user-first mindset, and the launch of 7.3 delivers the new capabilities based directly on feedback and needs of current Hive Fabric users.”

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HiveIO Hive Fabric

Hive Fabric-Enabled Servers

Hive Fabric combines KVM hypervisor, software-defined storage (SDS) & networking, and virtual desktop management, into an all-in-one virtualization solution, eliminating the need for a multi-vendor, multi-contract approach. The new features within the 7.3 solution include:

  • Graphics Acceleration – The rise in augmented and virtual reality has increased the need for graphics acceleration, stated HiveIO. To seamlessly improve the performance of virtual machines (VMs), administrators can now install graphics processing units (GPUs) inside of Hive Fabric-enabled servers and then simply turn the acceleration on or off with a single click. Graphics acceleration is available via GPU Sharing or GPU Passthrough and supports NVIDIA, ATI, and Intel.
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN) – With Ethernet consolidating and the speed increasing, a need for IT Administrators to separate traffic and guarantee bandwidth for desktops and applications would become a necessity. Administrators can now add multiple physical and virtual SDNs giving them the flexibility to fit with any network architecture.
  • Configurable In-Memory Storage – The SDS capability extends to managing server memory, allowing it to be allocated to either storage or memory for virtual machines, with differing allocations possible on every server.
  • Hive Sense – Introduced in 7.3, Hive Sense will allow HiveIO to proactively support customers by sending logs, metrics, and configuration information back to the company. This would reduce the time needed to collect logs or understand how the infrastructure is deployed, so support engineers can resolve issues faster.

“The Hive Fabric UI, coupled with the easy-to-use enhancements in 7.3, empowers administrators of all skill levels to manage the entire data center,” said Toby Coleridge, Vice President of Product at HiveIO. “Organizations can reallocate their highly-skilled specialists to other areas of the business to drive innovation rather than be bogged down with daily administrative tasks.”

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Connectivity Provider NetActuate Launches Services in London With Volt Data Centres

Everything You Need to Know About VPS Hosting 3
NetActuate, a global provider of network and infrastructure services including an anycast platform, virtual servers, bare metal and IP transit, has launched its services from London, UK, in a data center operated by Volta Data Centres.

The new data center location is now connected to NetActuate’s global network, providing organizations with access to over 3,100 peers and over 30 additional data centers around the world. NetActuate’s 24×7 NOC and local technicians would be available to provide remote hands and expert support capabilities.

“To meet increasing demand for low latency network services and global infrastructure, we are excited to add a new location to our London presence,” said Mark Price, President of NetActuate. “This new location improves our ability to provide high performance, flexible, and reliable services to our customers.”

ISO 14001, ISO 27001: 2013, PCI DSS

Operated by Volta Data Centres, this new London data center features multi-factor security and fully redundant power and cooling. This location would benefit from two separate 33kV power supplies, from two independent grid substations, for a total incoming feed capacity of 9.6 MVA. The facility is certified compliant for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001: 2013, OHSAS 18001, and PCI DSS. Customers in this colocation data center would also be able to benefit from low-latency connectivity to the London Internet Exchange (LINX).

“Data delivery and uptime are two top priorities for businesses, especially in a demanding and diverse city such as London,” said Jon Arnold, Managing Director at Volta Data Centres. “By increasing its service capacity in the capital, NetActuate will benefit from a reliable and improved service delivery for its customers.”

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#HostDime Expects to Complete ‘Tier 4’ Data Center in Central Florida in 2019

Everything You Need to Know About VPS Hosting 4

HostDime, a global hosting provider offering an array of cloud solutions which include managed services for dedicated servers, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and colocation, has outgrown their current data center in Orlando. The company now expects to complete their new data center build in Orlando, a 7-story building, somewhere in 2019.

The ‘Tier 4’ data center will rise 110 feet high and be visible from Interstate 4, one of Central Florida’s main roadways connecting Orlando to Tampa on the West, and to Daytona Beach on the East. The 88,000 square-foot data center will be fully owned, operated, and occupied by HostDime.

The new data center is being engineered to meet requirements for some of the most widely known certifications such as HIPPA, PCI, SOC 2, and FISMA.

The announcement follows the news of HostDime launching its new data center in Brazil last summer – a Tier III data center facility in João Pessoa. This 4-story data center building is a brand-new, privately-owned facility designed and constructed by HostDime. This is the second facility HostDime has built in Brazil, as the company now covers both Northern and Southern Brazil.

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Land Purchase in Colombia

Due to their recent growth and based on the demands HostDime is seeing in the Colombian market, the US-headquartered hosting provider began to take action on their Colombia growth strategy at the end of 2017 with the purchase of a land parcel in Bogotá, Colombia. HostDime has been operational in Colombia since 2008 with a sales/support office and a data center in Bogotá to service an array of Data Center Infrastructure services locally in the country.

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PHOENIX, AZ – November 16th, 2018 – Leading online service provider, Rad Web Hosting, in conjunction with Evocative, opens for business in Arizona with state-of-the-art mega digital facility in a bid to improve services rendered to its clients across the United States.

Rising to become one of the leading providers of online services ranging from web hosting to site development all the way to traffic generation, Rad Web Hosting has continued to steadily provide a high quality of services that are always tailored to the needs of the clients. Irrespective of the size and scale of your business network, the company provides services to every kind of digital need offering you the best and affordable hosting with adequate guidance on the best way to maximize your online presence. Rad Web Hosting also notably provides an open source Domain registration API for reseller clients.

In a bid to further extend their reach of impeccable service across the United States, Rad Web Hosting has recently acquired a new data center in Phoenix, Arizona. Partnering with Evocative; a company that has steadily provided Los Angeles and its environs with consistent and fast internet services for over 20 years, Rad Web Hosting plans to lay out the carpets for a new era of internet and digital servicing to its clients.

The Dallas based hosting company has garnered wide patronage due to their standard of service and wide range of hosting plans. With over 500 deployed servers, Rad Web Hosting continues to offer flexible online service plans to meet the budget of their customers and brands. Whether you’re an individual looking to launch your first website or a company planning to run a couple of apps on different platforms, Rad Web Hosting ensures that the whole process from start to finish is as seamless as possible.

The new Phoenix Data Center which is already functional will look to provide a wider range of data services using secure and compliant internet infrastructure. Already having an established on-site operations command center, with closed circuit video surveillance and top-notch security, the facility will look to integrate other services such as Cloud and KVM VPS Services before the end of the year.

The new collaboration is intended to boost coverage to not just the busiest city in the USA, but also other cities in the long run. Necessary precautions have also been put in place to avoid loss of data in case of a natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances. Furthermore, with a strong employee base and 24/7 access, clients can consistently check up on their installations.

One major feature, however, is the unrivaled customer service offered by the company which is transferred to the new location. With brand new facilities in place, clients are very sure of even better customer service and treatment. The new outfit in Phoenix is also available for visits, just in case you’re one that likes to see before you commit. There is a provision for visitors to be given a tour of the facilities and for all intended questions to be addressed.

The company supports a couple of major projects such as; Django Project, Centos Web Panel and with new services like the KMS VPS Servers projected to go live by December, it is no doubt that the company plans to expand its digital reach.



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Company Name: Rad Web Hosting 
Contact Person: Scott Claeys
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Country: United States
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New Real Time Monitoring Service Released by Canadian Web Hosting

Everything You Need to Know About VPS Hosting 6

Canadian Web Hosting, a Canadian provider of web hosting, cloud hosting, and infrastructure services, has added Real Time Monitoring to its dedicated server and virtual private server (VPS hosting) customers.

Users of Canadian Web Hosting’s dedicated servers and VPS hosting solutions can now monitor their server and its activity in real-time using the company’s monitoring tool. With thousands of metrics available, this real-time monitoring tool would allow users to react quickly to resolve any server problems.

Additionally, this Real Time Monitoring solution would allow customers to create customized alerts to easily detect, diagnose, and troubleshoot issues before they become problems. The tool is highly configurable and scalable, allowing users to have a customized solution for their dedicated server and virtual private server requirements.

“With metrics and custom alerts you can stay ahead of any issues your server can run into, from resource usage to services failing and everything in between,” said Matthew Czajka, Cloud Engineer at Canadian Web Hosting. “With Real Time Monitoring, you can foresee the problem before it happens.”

Founded in 1998, Canadian Web Hosting provides on-demand hosting products that include shared web hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers and IT as a Service for Canadian companies of all sizes. Canadian Web Hosting is AT 101 SOC 2 certified, which ensures that their processes and business practices are thoroughly audited against industry standards.

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Future Hosting Warns Server Hosting Clients Of Dangers Posed By Insecure Memcached Instances

Everything You Need to Know About VPS Hosting 7

future-hostingManaged VPS and dedicated server provider, Future Hosting, a company based in Southfield, Michigan, has warned server hosting clients of the dangers posed by insecure Memcached instances. When configured incorrectly, the popular caching application could be used by bad actors to launch massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Earlier this year, a popular version control platform was targeted by a record-breaking DDoS attack that peaked at 1.35 TB per second. Soon after, that record was broken by a DDoS attack that used insecure Memcached instances to send 1.7 TB per second to its victim, stated Future Hosting. Few businesses can mitigate attacks of this magnitude.

Future Hosting now urges server administrators to ensure that Memcached instances hosted on their servers are configured securely. Memcached should never be reachable from the open internet or configured to respond to requests from arbitrary hosts.

Developers and system administrators without the expertise to securely configure server software should consider hiring a professional system administrator or a managed server hosting provider that can configure a secure hosting environment.

Websites, Applications

Memcached is used by millions of websites around the world. It is a database that caches the results of database queries to accelerate the performance of web applications. Memcached can be configured to accept connections from arbitrary hosts on the open web. Bad actors could use insecure Memcached instances to launch amplified, reflected DDoS attacks against their victims, taking their websites and applications offline.

Memcached is one of many applications that can be used to amplify the bandwidth available to an attacker: open DNS servers and NTP servers are also common vectors. But Memcached would be significantly more potent. It can be used to amplify the data in a DDoS attack by a factor of more than 50,000, stated Future Hosting.

“Future Hosting provides server hosting for thousands of businesses, and we’re concerned that insecure Memcached instances pose a serious threat to our clients and other businesses on the web,“ said Maulesh Patel, VP of Operations of Future Hosting, “Memcached is ubiquitous on the modern web because of its usefulness, but less experienced system administrators are not configuring it securely, providing bad actors with a DDoS vector that threatens even the largest online businesses.”

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US Dedicated Expands Footprint with INAP for Colocation and IP Services at Their Dallas Data Center

US Dedicated Expands Footprint with INAP for Colocation and IP Services at Their Dallas Data Center

Internap Corporation (NASDAQ: INAP), a provider of “high-performance” data center services including colocation, cloud, and network services, has announced a multi-year deal with US Dedicated LLC, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider offering dedicated servers, colocation, VPS hosting, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) mitigations, for colocation and INAP’s Performance IP services.

US dedicatedUS Dedicated now features three total data centers with INAP in Atlanta, Seattle and the most recent addition in Dallas, with plans for more strategic growth with INAP across the US.

“We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the strongest global connection possible. The Northwest and Southeast are vast cloud locations and perfectly complement our connection points throughout the country,” said Robby Hicks, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of US Dedicated. “We’ve had nothing but the best experience with Performance IP and know that we will be able to continually grow with INAP supporting our customer’s current and future infrastructure needs.”

Network Latency, Performance

INAP’s Performance IP service would reduce latency and improve network performance by combining multiple carrier backbones and real-time route optimization.

“INAP is pleased to welcome US Dedicated into our recently expanded Dallas data center,” said Corey Needles, INAP USA’s SVP and General Manager. “Dallas joins our Atlanta and Seattle data centers in providing our patented IP technology to meet US Dedicated’s needs ensuring the best experience for their customers.”

US Dedicated is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider with data centers in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and Seattle offering dedicated servers (managed and unmanaged), VPS hosting, and colocation. US Dedicated supports low latency and high demand applications such as gaming, media streaming, financial trading, private cloud and VOIP.

INAP operates in 57 primarily Tier 3 data centers in 21 metropolitan markets and has 98 network PoPs around the world.

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Canadian Web Hosting Unveils Its CloudSafe Online Backup Service

Everything You Need to Know About VPS Hosting 8

canadian-web-hostingCanadian Web Hosting, a Canada-based provider of on-demand hosting solutions including shared web hosting, virtual private servers (VPS hosting), cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and IT-as-a-Service, has released a new online backup service called CloudSafe. CloudSafe would guarantee simple backups and restorations with the click of a button.

CloudSafe would offer enterprise-grade AES 256-bit encryption on all backup data – ensuring it can only be accessed and restored by the user. Any data sent to the cloud is automatically encrypted using SSL protocols, which would eliminate the possibility of an outsider gaining access to it.

From full VM images to bare metal and granular data backup to desktop compatibility, Canadian Web Hosting’s CloudSafe solution enables users to select and secure the data no matter where it resides. Backups can be kept in the cloud as well as locally on any network location, so they’re not locked to just one backup destination. Customers can access, share, and restore files from anywhere on the web.

Using Available Bandwidth

“CloudSafe offers you a fully Canadian cloud-backed backup service you can set up on your servers or even at home, giving you the power to control your backup data,” said Matthew Czajka, Canadian Web Hosting’s Cloud Engineer.

CloudSafe also offers block-level backup, which backs up only the changed parts of files. This would mean lower storage costs and more room to work with. It’s also possible to enable automated deletion of outdated data from storage and configure backups to use the most available bandwidth during non-operational hours to ensure that a business runs as smoothly as possible.

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Evolve IP Listed in Gartner’s Market Guide for Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Everything You Need to Know About VPS Hosting 9
Everything You Need to Know About VPS Hosting 10

Evolve IP, a provider of services including virtual servers, virtual desktops, disaster recovery, IP phone systems/unified communications, and more, has been included in the 2016 Gartner Market Guide for Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

The Gartner Market Guide, which lists 10 DaaS providers in North America, is intended to provide more understanding of the DaaS market and its offerings.

evolve ipAs part of its broad portfolio of cloud services, Evolve IP DaaS provides desktop users with a virtual workspace, customized with their unique applications and files, that is accessible from virtually any internet connected tablet, phone or computing device.

According to the Gartner report, by 2019, 50% of new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) users will be deployed on DaaS platforms.  Evolve IP’s DaaS offering is part of its wider desktop services offerings that also includes Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Mobile Device Management (MDM) and helpdesk.

“We believe the Gartner Market Guide for Desktop as a Service is the latest validation for DaaS and we are pleased to have been included among representative vendors,” said Evolve IP’s Chief Technology and Product Officer and Founding Partner, Scott Kinka. “We have watched as DaaS has gained market traction over the past few years and are not surprised as it delivers a trifecta of organizational benefits. First, user productivity increases due to anytime – anywhere desktop access. Second, IT desktop management is easier – from delivering updates and patches to securing machines. Third, organizational security is enhanced with the ability to easily protect sensitive corporate data regardless of what an employee does with his or her physical devices. As these benefits are realized and market awareness increases we expect to see even greater adoption in 2017.”

Evolve IP provides cloud services in virtually every industry including: healthcare, veterinary medicine, legal, insurance, banking, technology, travel and retail to some of the world’s most recognizable brands. The company’s Evolve IP OneCloud solution would allow organizations to migrate multiple cloud computing and cloud communications services onto a single, unified platform.

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