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Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 1
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Hivelocity has announced the release of its latest dedicated server packages. These bare-metal servers are equipped with Intel’s latest generation of Coffee-Lake Xeon E processors. 

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Web Hosting Company Namecheap Adds Gelato Business Card Maker Service to Portfolio

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 2
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Namecheap, one of the world’s largest domain registrars and a leading global web hosting provider, has announced ‘Business Card Maker,’ its new global business card printing service powered by Gelato.

The original source for ths post is Web Hosting Company Namecheap Adds Gelato Business Card Maker Service to Portfolio on Website Hosting Review.

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CAPRE’s Data Center Round Up for November 15, 2019

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 3
Check out the latest in deals, development and disruptive technology in the data center industry for November 15, 2019:

  • Digital Realty Earns Nareit’s Data Center Sustainability Award for Third Consecutive Year: Digital Realty has earned the National Association of Real Estate Investments Trusts (Nareit) “Leader in the Light” award for data center sustainability for the third consecutive year. The award honors Nareit member companies that have produced superior, measurable results from the implementation of sustainable business practices. In 2018, Digital Realty added 104 megawatts of renewable energy contracts across its U.S. portfolio, bringing the total executed under long-term contracts to 288 megawatts of renewable energy.  Last year, the company’s renewable energy efforts resulted in 533,900 metric tons of avoided carbon emissions, the equivalent of taking 113,000 cars off the road each year, or the electricity needs of more than 93,000 homes per year. In 2019, the company announced an additional 50 megawatts of renewables to support its data centers in Ashburn, VA, and signed a green tariff agreement with Portland General Electric (PGE) which will supply approximately 120,000 megawatt-hours annually to Digital Realty’s data center development project in Hillsboro, OR.
  • DC BLOX Announces New Debt Capital from Deutsche Bank:  DC BLOX has raised new debt capital from Deutsche Bank AG. DC BLOX will use the proceeds from the Deutsche Bank term loan to meet customer growth for its existing data centers and to expand business operations. DC BLOX is experiencing strong demand for its multi-tenant, Tier 3 data centers in underserved cities across the Southeastern U.S. Enterprises, cloud providers, government entities, educational institutions, and service partners are facing infrastructure and connectivity decisions as part of the increased digitization of their organizations. Therefore, businesses seeking to add reliable data center space and power, address disaster recovery scenarios, connect to multiple cloud providers, and protect their valuable data are increasingly considering colocation data centers with rich connectivity as a strategic component of their future digital architecture.

  • Mellanox Introduces Mellanox Skyway 200 Gigabit HDR InfiniBand to Ethernet Gateway Appliance for High Performance and Cloud Data Centers: Mellanox Technologies has introduced Mellanox Skyway, a 200 gigabit HDR InfiniBand to Ethernet gateway appliance. Mellanox Skyway enables a scalable and efficient way to connect the high-performance, low-latency InfiniBand data center to external Ethernet infrastructures or connectivity. Mellanox Skyway is the next generation of the existing 56 gigabit FDR InfiniBand to 40 gigabit Ethernet gateway system, deployed in multiple data centers around the world. HPC, AI, data-intensive and cloud infrastructures leverage InfiniBand’s high data throughput, extremely low latency, and smart In-Network Computing acceleration engines to deliver world-leading application performance and scalability. For cases requiring connectivity into external Ethernet-based platforms, Mellanox offers the Skyway appliance, a 1.6 terabit-per-second InfiniBand to Ethernet gateway appliance, supporting eight 100 or 200 gigabit ports on each of the InfiniBand and Ethernet sides. IT managers can scale the number of Skyway appliances over time to meet the demands of their users.

  • New CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ Certification Exam Available Worldwide: CompTIA, the leading provider of vendor-neutral skills certifications for the global technology workforce, today introduced a new version of CompTIA Cloud Essentials+, a professional credential for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge to make more informed decisions about cloud service options and strategies. CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ is the only foundational, vendor-neutral cloud business certification in the market. It establishes an essential foundation of knowledge about cloud solutions that are applicable in any cloud environment regardless of who the cloud service provider is.
  • Nokia and VMware Expand Partnership to Ease Large-Scale, Multi-Cloud Operations: Nokia and VMware today announced an expanded partnership that includes the development of integrated solutions to support communications service providers’ (CSPs) drive for operational improvements and cost efficiency through large-scale, multi-cloud operations. VMware and Nokia have a broad mutual customer base globally, across both companies’ portfolios. The two companies will advance the interoperability between Nokia software applications and VMware’s Telco Cloud, including VMware vCloud NFV. Nokia and VMware will also increase their investments in a deeper partnership with technology collaboration and advanced research & development to develop integrated solutions. As a result, CSPs will be able to more easily meet their business and use case objectives, using VMware cloud infrastructure that is engineered to work together with Nokia virtualized and containerized network functions. 

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 4

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CAPRE’s Data Center Round Up for November 14, 2019

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 5
Check out the latest in deals, development and disruptive technology in the data center industry for November 14, 2019:

  • Dell Technologies Unveils PowerEdge Server Portfolio and PowerOne Autonomous Infrastructure: Dell Technologies has unveiled Dell Technologies On Demand, a set of consumption-based and as-a-service offerings on the industry’s broadest infrastructure portfolio that deliver IT with the agility of cloud and the control, performance and predictability of on-premises infrastructure. As part of this new offering, the company is expanding its extensive flexible consumption portfolio to support Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and the new Dell EMC PowerOne autonomous infrastructure system. Dell Technologies On Demand offers flexible payment options for an extensive range of technologies across the full infrastructure stack, including compute, storage, networking and virtualization. Software-defined and hybrid cloud solutions are available via Dell Technologies Cloud and VMware, along with modern data protection, PC and digital workspaces.
  • Third Amazon Data-Center Building Under Construction in Hilliard: This Week’s Community News is reporting that construction is underway at Google’s third data center building in Hillard, OH. ” The first 183,000-square-foot data-center facility was completed in 2016. The second building, which previously was documented as 153,000 square feet, was constructed in 2017 south of the first data center,” writes the local facility. “The third building is south of both facilities. Amazon Web Services has received a building permit and started construction, said David Ball, director of communications for Hilliard.”
  • Scale Computing Integrates Retail Solution with Schneider Electric: Schneider Electric has struck a deal with Scale Computing to deliver the Scale Computing HC3 Edge for retail solution in Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers. The partnership will allow Scale Computing’s virtualization platform to help retailers who use EcoStruxure products to optimize all in-store functions and enhance the experience for their own customers. The combined HC3 Edge for retail solution and the EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers are shipped fully integrated. The companies say that isolated retail locations will be transformed into self-managing micro data centers to better support critical retail business applications. Furthermore, it provides a complete IT infrastructure within a secure, standalone enclosure for improving business’ uptime and resiliency while providing protection of critical retail business applications.
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Target of Schneider Electric and NetApp Collaboration: Schneider Electric has announced a collaboration with NetApp to deliver the pre-validated Optimized Edge for NetApp HCI solution, which is built on NetApp’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform and designed for enterprise, remote/branch offices, and small- to medium-sized business (SMB) spaces. Optimized Edge for NetApp HCI combines edge computing infrastructure with an open and scalable on-premise hybrid cloud infrastructure to revolutionize the private cloud into a deployable region of customers’ multi-cloud. The solution is a compatible physical infrastructure solution that is integrated, pre-engineered, and pre-validated to help organizations of all sizes reduce deployment time, accelerate time to market, and minimize on-site and remote management.
  • Turkcell Opens Solar-Powered Data Center in Ankara: Turkcell today reached the largest area under data centers in Turkey with a total of 33,500 square meters whitespace with its Ankara-based data center’s launch. The center will offer cloud services to public institutions and organizations through Turkcell’s subsidiary, Turkcell Digital Business Solutions. The facility’s data center and cloud services will also help international firms store data in Turkey. With the Ankara-based data center’s launch, Turkcell havs reached the largest area under data centers in Turkey with a total of 33,500 square meters whitespace. Further strengthening Turkcell’s leadership position in data center and cloud services, the latest facility that offers 12,000 square meters whitespace will play a key role in digital transformation in Turkey. 

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 6

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CAPRE’s Data Center Round Up for November 13, 2019

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 7
Check out the latest in deals, development and disruptive technology in the data center industry for November 13, 2019:

  • Host In Ireland Members Launch DCs for Bees: Host in Ireland has teamed up with the Native Woodland Trust and the Irish National Biodiversity Centre as part of a long-term initiative to help save Irish bees. The launch, which took place on Friday 25th October 2019, saw over 100 members and associates of Host In Ireland plant indigenous Irish trees in County Wicklow to help create safe habitat and food for bees.One-third of Ireland’s bee species are threatened with extinction. At the current rate of decline, 90% of our bumblebees in Ireland will be wiped out by 2050. Not only are bees an indicator of healthy biodiversity, but they are also crucial in the production of more than 70% of our food. This launch is the beginning of a broader initiative that will include a toolkit to enable Host In Ireland members, and the industry as a whole, to make an impact on their premises, in their community and within their global companies. It aims to support education, advocacy, awareness and meaningful action to improve bee populations. Host In Ireland hopes to influence other industries to get involved and reach a far greater audience than Native Woodland Trust or National Biodiversity Data Centre could do working with individual companies.
  • Squire Mining to Terminate Cloud Computing Share Purchase Agreement: Squire Mining will terminate the share purchase agreement dated August 29, 2019 among Squire, Mr. Calvin Ayre, Cunning Hams Limited, Tansley Equipment Limited, and Woodland Technolog. Since the execution of the Purchase Agreement, economic conditions in the blockchain and cloud computing industry have changed materially.  Due to these changes, among other things, the parties have entered into a termination agreement  pursuant to which Squire, Mr. Calvin Ayre and the Companies have agreed that the Purchase Agreement is terminated in its entirety and all of parties released from their obligations. The companies will work together in good faith to assess and if deemed advisable, each in their sole discretion, restructure the transactions contemplated by the Purchase Agreement on terms and conditions which reflect current market conditions and a revised valuation.
  • Telecom Italia + City of Torino Launch First 5G Edge Cloud Live Network in Europe: TIM and the Municipality of Turin have strengthened their collaboration in technological innovation and set a new record, turning on Europe’s first 5G Edge Cloud live network with connected drones. By enabling the integrated processing of Big Data collected by IoT platforms and analyzed by Artificial Intelligence systems, 5G Edge Cloud is the keystone for the advancement and dissemination of the digital services for the Smart City: public safety and self-driving cars, environmental monitoring and Industry 4.0. The 5G Edge Cloud network guarantees very high bandwidth and low latency and allows an exceptionally large amount of data to be aggregated and processed, providing for safe digital services of an extremely high quality that respect customer privacy, as well as allowing greater agility and flexibility in the configuration of services and applications, under the typical Cloud logic. TIM hereby further boosts its “5G Digital Business Platform”, the innovative platform that works as a joint ecosystem between TIM, its technological partners, the world of developers, companies and the public administration to develop new digital services in a more agile, straight forward, scalable and rapid way.
  • Advania Data Centers Expands its Sustainable Data Centers to Sweden: Advania Data Centers and Stockholm Exergi have joined in partnership for the construction of a new data center in Stockholm, Sweden. ADC will lease land in Stockholm Data Parks to build the data center, and the heat generated by computing equipment in the data center will be used for local house-heating in Stockholm. This arrangement ensures a dramatic increase in the energy efficiency of the data center, making it environmentally friendly, and will utilize heat that is traditionally wasted for the benefit of the local community. This is the first data center ADC plans to build outside of Iceland, where it already runs two first-class data centers.
  • Red Hat Releases Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8: Red Hat has announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1, the latest version of the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform. The first minor release of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 enhances the manageability, security and performance of the operating system underpinning the open hybrid cloud while also adding new capabilities to drive developer innovation. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the foundation of Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud portfolio, providing the underlying engine that allows complex workloads to be developed and deployed across physical, virtual, private and public cloud environments with greater confidence and control. As the backbone of the hybrid cloud, the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform provides a consistent user experience across on premise deployments and all major public cloud infrastructures. At the same time, it supports key production workloads like Microsoft SQL Server and SAP HANA while also enabling new workloads like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning (ML).

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 8

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.Com Winners & Losers: Dynadot surges

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 9
Dynadot returned to the top 10; Chinese registrar Chengdu West plummets.

ICANN has published the latest official data from Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) about the .com namespace. This registrar-by-registrar report covers July 2019.

There was a shakeup in the top ten registrars for monthly .com volume. Chengdu West fell out of the top 10. Dynadot surged back in to spot #6. NameSilo dropped a lot but still remained in top 10.

Here’s how registrars did in terms of new .com registrations:

1.* (NYSE: GDDY) 854,643 (844,698 in June)
2. Xin Net Technology Corporation 321,742 (254,177)
3. Tucows** (NASDAQ:TCX) 194,581 (188,913)
4. NameCheap Inc. 161,790 (148,553)
5. Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) 134,583 (118,274)
6. Dynadot 131,601 (n/a)
7. Endurance+ (NASDAQ: EIGI) 129,559 (117,245)
8. Alibaba (HiChina) 126,586 (158,341)
9. NameSilo (CSE:URL) 89,027 (149,951)
10. GMO 66,323 (n/a)

Here’s the leaderboard of the top registrars in terms of total .com registrations as of the end of July 2019.

1. GoDaddy* 51,022,025 (51,012,237 in June)
2. Tucows** 13,192,663 (13,265,609)
3. Endurance+ 6,896,718 (6,928,107)
4. 6,599,516 (6,638,229)
5. Alibaba 6,232,572 (6,250,554)
6. United Internet^ 5,550,220 (5,558,557)
7. Namecheap 4,915,798 (4,855,101)
8. Xin Net Technology Corporation 4,469,021 (4,201,902)
9. Google 2,662,532 (2,580,499)
10. GMO 2,104,444 (2,081,293)

Many domain companies have multiple accreditations and I’ve tried to capture the largest ones. See the notes below.

* Includes GoDaddy, Wild West Domains and 123 Reg
** Includes Tucows, Enom, Ascio and EPAG
+ Includes PDR,, FastDomain and Bigrock. There are other Endurance registrars, but these are the biggest.
++ Includes Network Solutions and
^ Includes 1&1, PSI, Cronon, United-Domains, Arsys and world4you

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CAPRE’s Data Center Round Up for November 12, 2019

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 10
Check out the latest in deals, development and disruptive technology in the data center industry for November 12, 2019:

  • HCL Technologies Launches Dedicated Google Cloud Business Unit to Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Adoption: HCL Technologies and Google Cloud have launched HCL’s Google Cloud Business Unit to accelerate enterprise cloud adoption worldwide. This dedicated business group within HCL will be supported by engineering, solutions, and business teams from Google Cloud. HCL currently has more than 1,300 professionals trained on Google Cloud and plans to ramp this capacity to more than 5,000 specialists in the near future, providing expertise to enterprise customers in areas like containerization, hybrid and multi-cloud with Anthos, compute, data and analytics, AI and ML, collaboration with G Suite, and more. Together, the companies’ joint investments will focus on helping customers advance their digital transformations through solutions covering SAP workload and application migration to GCP; Hybrid and multi-cloud deployments with Google Cloud’s Anthos; Adoption of leading Google Cloud data, AI, and ML solutions in areas like e-commerce, supply chain, and marketing; application and data center modernization; workplace transformation and collaboration with G Suite; as well as DevSecOps and service orchestration.
  • Zayo’s Sandi Mays Honored as CIO of the Year in 2019 CTA APEX Awards: Zayo Group Holdings, Co-Founder, Chief Customer Experience and Information Officer Sandi Mays was presented with the Colorado Technology Association (CTA) APEX Award for CIO of the Year. The APEX Awards recognize Colorado’s technology excellence, highlighting remarkable leaders and innovators. Since 2001, CTA has hosted this prestigious event to bring together the community and celebrate the exceptional people, companies and accomplishments of the year. The APEX outstanding Chief Information Officer has demonstrated considerable ingenuity in leading an IT team and implementing technology projects that demonstrably improve the effectiveness of their organization. Mays, who was a member of Zayo’s founding team in 2007, leads customer success, business intelligence, digital innovation, technology solutions, IT architecture, IT operations, application development and support. She also oversees Tranzact, the company’s innovative ecommerce and sales enablement platform that enables customers to order and manage services in real time.
  • Siemens Gamesa will supply 62 turbines with a 4.1 MW rating for Google’s 254 MW Stavro Wind Farm: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy has secured an order to supply the Stavro project, its largest ever onshore wind order in Sweden. The 62 turbines with a 4.1 MW rating built by SGRE will power Google’s data center with clean energy, as well as Holmen’s local paper and board business. Stavro is located in the northern part of Sweden, northwest of Umeå, and divided into two sub-sites: Blodrotberget, with 40 turbines, and Blackfjället, with 22 turbines, for a total installed capacity of 254 MW. Commissioning of the wind farm is scheduled for the end of 2021 and the project will be covered by a 30-year service agreement also delivered by SGRE. The grid connection, comprised of engineering, civil works, installation and commissioning of the two 150/33 kV sub-sites, will be provided by Siemens Gas and Power. The project is realized by German Asset Manager Prime Capital AG on behalf of an international consortium comprising Korean institutional investors, German Pension Fund Nordrheinische Ärzteversorgung and Siemens Financial Services, whose financial expertise and proven wind investment experience was key to successfully making Stavro a reality.
  • Telecom Italia Signs Strategic Partnership with Google Cloud: Telecom Italia has broadcast the signing of a term sheet setting out the terms for a strategic partnership with Google Cloud. The partnership will enable TIM to become a key Italian player in the cloud and edge computing market, expanding its portfolio of innovative products and services offered on the Italian market through a unique offer of Public, Private and Hybrid cloud, and enabling the rapid growth of its Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) service revenues. The companies will work together on go-to-market initiatives to help accelerate the adoption of digital transformation technology at Italian businesses of all sizes. In order to support its own business growth, TIM will heavily invest in its innovation and talent. This investment includes building wholly owned, new state-of-the-art data centers, up to Tier IV level, and hiring or training more than 800 cloud engineers in the next few years.
  • Schneider Electric, Scale Computing Release Edge Computing Platform for Retailers: Schneider Electric and Scale Computing have jointly developed an Edge computing platform for retailers. The system essentially deploys Scale Computing’s HC3 Edge virtualization platform inside Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers. Scale Computing’s technology provides a single platform for retailers to run applications across point of sale, building management, security applications, inventory management, and asset management. Meanwhile, the EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers provide certified interoperability, which is meant to reduce configuration and deployment times.  The companies said the system will help retailers increase the speed of their technology deployments, boost security, enhance standardization and lower costs. The infrastructure is being pitched to retailers with isolated store locations.  “Scale Computing HC3 Edge for retail was developed to meet the variety of challenges retailers face when updating their edge and remote infrastructures,” said Jeff Ready, CEO of Scale Computing. “With the Scale Computing HC3 Edge deployed within Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers, retailers receive best-in-class capabilities to help them modernize their stores and enhance the customer experience.”

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 11

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CAPRE’s Data Center Round Up for November 11, 2019

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 12
Check out the latest in deals, development and disruptive technology in the data center industry for November 11, 2019:

  • UPS Market to Hit $10 Billion USD by 2023: According to a new report from IHS Markit, the uninterruptible power supply hardware market is on track climb to more than $10 Billion USD by 2023. IHS Market cites the rise of edge computing, significant global data center investments, and the shift to lithium-ion batteries. “The worldwide UPS market reached $8.2 billion in 2018, up 6 percent compared with 2017, according to research and analysis firm IHS Markit. The market is expected to continue to grow over the next four years, surpassing $10 billion by 2023,” writes the report authors. “Single-phase UPS revenue grew 4 percent in 2018 year over year, while three-phase UPS sales rose by nearly 8 percent. The three top global UPS market leaders are APC by Schneider Electric, Eaton and Vertiv, which accounted for 46 percent of market revenue in 2018.”
  • EdgeMicro Launches Micro Data Centers In Austin, Raleigh And Tampa: EdgeMicro has taken a major step forward in its offering with the deployment of Micro Data Centers in Austin, Raleigh and Tampa. EdgeMicro has collaborated for months with the anchor tenants to understand and deliver on their edge computing requirements. The customers include large internet companies and content providers that are seeking to improve user experience in under-served markets. Austin and Tampa will be in production this month with Raleigh close behind. EdgeMicro is in the site selection and permitting phase for 20 additional cities in 2020.
  • Digi International To Acquire Opengear: Digi International has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Opengear, a provider of secure IT infrastructure products and software. The closing of the transaction is subject to customary conditions, including antitrust regulatory clearance. Opengear delivers critical IT infrastructure, including failover-to-cellular and out-of-band management solutions, to a broad range of Fortune 100 and other customers. Opengear is expected to retain its existing office locations and future office consolidations, if any, will be designed to minimize disruption to employees and customers. Digi has agreed to acquire Opengear for upfront cash of approximately $140 Million USD with a potential for contingent consideration of up to an additional $15 Million USD based on revenue performance through 2020. To finance the purchase, Digi expects to use a combination of cash on hand and debt financing under a $150 million facility that BMO Harris Bank N.A. has committed to provide to Digi.
  • Microsoft and Nokia collaborate to accelerate digital transformation and Industry 4.0: Microsoft and Nokia have announced a strategic collaboration to accelerate transformation and innovation across industries with cloud, AI and IoT. By bringing together Microsoft cloud solutions and Nokia’s expertise in mission-critical networking, the companies are uniquely positioned to help enterprises and communications service providers transform their businesses. As Microsoft’s Azure, Azure IoT, Azure AI and Machine Learning solutions combine with Nokia’s LTE/5G-ready private wireless solutions, IP, SD-WAN, and IoT connectivity offerings, the companies will drive industrial digitalization and automation across enterprises, and enable CSPs to offer new services to enterprise customers. BT is the first global communications service provider to offer its enterprise customers a managed service that integrates Microsoft Azure cloud and Nokia SD-WAN solutions. BT customers can access this through a customer automated delegated rights service, which enables BT to manage both the customer Azure vWAN and the unique Agile Connect SD-WAN, based on Nokia’s Nuage SD-WAN 2.0.
  • Altran and Edgecore Launch Fully Interoperable Virtualized Broadband Access Solution: Altran and Edgecore Networks have launched an SDN-enabled virtualized access solution for use with open broadband access network systems. The suite of software frameworks will help customers achieve the benefits of virtualization while accelerating the path to open networking, an operator-led initiative supporting interoperability and cost-efficient service delivery. Altran SDvAS boasts enhanced open networking frameworks with robust quality assurance and full-service support. One element, the SDvAS Virtual OLT (vOLT) framework, provides a rich set of features built on the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) VOLTHA, the Broadband Forum (BBF) Open Broadband Access (OB-BAA) with standardized NETCONF/YANG models, and the Altran Intelligent Switch Solution (ISS) control plane.

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 13

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Cloud Leadership Summit 2019 successfully brings together leaders in the Indian cloud and hosting industry

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 14
An unparalleled event for the leaders in the cloud and hosting industry in India, Cloud leadership summit 2019 concluded successfully in Goa.  The event that took place at Hotel Le Méridien Calangute, Goa, India from 8 to 10 November, brought together CEOs and heads of the leading multinationals in the Indian cloud and hosting industry together in a relaxed setting.

There were the following sessions at the event.

1.Panel Discussion: Future of Web Hosting in 2020 and Beyond

Cloud leadership summit

The panelists included Tarun Dua, CEO – E2E Networks, Narendra Sen, CEO – Rackbank and Samir Jhaveri, CEO – XcellHost Cloud.

There was a discussion on the future of web hosting and how web hosting companies have to evolve in order to remain relevant and grow stronger.

There were also discussions on the growth of the Indian datacenter industry and its future. With niche markets still open, what should service providers do to compete with three big public cloud providers?  Further, they discussed how to provide services to customers with open source tools.

  1. The panel discussion was followed by a presentation by the sponsors – Acronis and ZNet Technologies.

In this session, the Acronis team told about how the web hosting, data center, and the cloud industry can comply with the data localization laws in India by offering Acronis cloud services to their customers.

Acronis in Cloud leadership summit

  1. Panel Discussion: Growth hacking with sustainable marketing for scaling up your hosting business

The panelists were Munesh Jadoun, CEO – ZNet Technologies, Danish Wadhwa, CEO – Webdew and Dhanasekar Mani, CEO – OVI Hosting.

As web hosting has evolved to cloud hosting, hyperscale and serverless computing so has the marketing techniques for web hosting services. In this session, there was a deep dive into how effective offline and online marketing is, best practices along with recommended tools for improving SEO and company presence across social media platforms. The points that were discussed:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO and content marketing
  • Offline marketing
  • CRM and tools for tracking leads and opportunities
  • Digital marketing cheat sheet and best practices
  • Outsource vs DIY?

grow hosting business

  1. Panel Discussion: Web Hosting Automation – Tools, Resources and best practices

multicloud services - how to cope

The panelists included Sabarinathan Sampath, COO – ZNet Technologies, Ishan Talahati, CEO – Leapswitch, and Tarun Dua, CEO – E2E Networks.

The discussion was held around how the hosters can automate their hosting business- this covered the tools, resources and best practises of how web hosting companies worldwide are automating the daily tasks for deployment, monitoring and also for support. The points that were discussed included:

  • Virtualization automation tools.
  • Ansible automation
  • Monitoring for VMs and service end points
  • cPanel, Plesk and other control panels for hosters.
  • AV and malware prevention for Linux and Windows
  • Support automation
  • WHMCS – Are there any other viable alternatives
  1. The panel discussion was followed by a presentation by the sponsors – Intel and RP tech India.

Intel sponsors Cloud leadership summit

  1. Panel Discussion: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud: Demystifying Multi-Cloud Operations

The panelists were Arun Bansal, CEO – Mantra Tech, Rahul Kukure, CEO – Hostin Services and Bharat Bala, ReadyDedis, LLC

Multi-Cloud expertise is essential for the growth of web hosting providers and in this session, there were discussions around the best practices for managing multi-cloud operations, right pricing your services along with client expectations and the skills required for the team to manage multi-cloud hosting services.

AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud: Demystifying Multi-Cloud Operations

In the end, there was a session on digital marketing best practices by Danish Wadhwa, CEO, Webdew.

Digital marketing - best practices

The attendees were quite elated with the three days sessions where they got to expand their knowledge realm and find solutions to their business problems.

Team DHN is looking ahead to cover Cloud Leadership Summit 2020!

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Iland Selected by City of Geneseo, Illinois to Deliver Cloud Backup and DR Solutions

Hivelocity Unveils 2nd Generation Xeon E Bare-Metal Servers 15
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Global cloud service provider iland, building its application and data protection cloud services on VMware technology, has been selected by the city of Geneseo, Illinois to provide cloud-based data backup and disaster recovery for the town’s municipal services.

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