Loopia, one of the biggest players in web hosting services in the Nordics, has decided to shift its system operations to EcoDataCenter‘s facility in Falun, Sweden. The data center in Falun is completely built out of wood and is 100% powered by renewable energy resources.

In 2018, EcoDataCenter released its carbon dioxide positive data center and has a wide set of service that brings in both security and flexibility with a high level of sustainability from various aspects.

The excess heat generated by the wooden data center is used by municipally-owned Falu Energi & Vatten, either as a vital ingredient in the process of manufacturing of biofuel or directly for heating. This would create a distinct solution guaranteeing the data center’s sustainable standards. Additionally, the facility has a very high level of physical and technical safety as per the company’s standards.

Magnus Angermund, CMO at EcoDataCenter stated,

We are proud of the trust and faith that we have gained and will look forward to supporting Loopia’s journey of delivering high-quality services to their clients.

Loopia’s colossal client base places tremendous demands on operational reliability and scalability, which together with their high sustainability goals suits us extremely well.

Hannah Johnsson Bittmann, Head of Sweden at Loopia said,

We are Sweden’s biggest and fastest-growing company in web hosting and domain services. Hence, it is crucial that we do positive changes.

Given our size, our opportunity to influence others is higher than our competitors. As sustainability bothers us all in some aspect, we are now at the forefront of setting a new industry standard where the aim is to help our clients to greener IT.