Hivelocity Unveils Cutting-Edge Private Cloud Offering Powered by VMware

Hivelocity, a recognized leader in bare metal, colocation, and private cloud hosting solutions, has announced the launch of its new private cloud service, powered by VMware.

This comes on the heels of Hivelocity’s recent acquisition by Colohouse, underscoring the company’s commitment to expanding and enhancing its cloud service portfolio. The new private cloud offering harnesses the latest in VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), Cloud Director, and NSX architectures, and is designed to provide businesses with fully integrated backup, restore, and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities.

Hivelocity’s new private cloud platform offers solutions that help businesses navigate VMware licensing changes, upgrade to modern architectures, and gain instant access to available capacity. Scott Fuhriman, Hivelocity’s CTO, emphasized, “As businesses seek to optimize their cloud expenditures while maintaining the necessary capacity and functionality for mission-critical workloads, private cloud presents a compelling option. Hivelocity has developed a platform tailored to these needs.”

With increasing demands for security, compliance, and performance, businesses must prove value to every aspect of their infrastructure. Hivelocity’s private cloud infrastructure is built on the latest Dell servers and Intel chip models, ensuring high performance and reliability. Backup solutions are powered by VEEAM, providing fast recovery times and minimizing downtime. The use of Pure Storage’s NVMe technology promotes fast and scalable storage, while Zerto powers multi-site replication and recovery, delivering low latency and robust disaster recovery capabilities.


Hivelocity’s private cloud offering is designed for ease of use and seamless integration with existing infrastructures. The myVelocity portal offers self-service capabilities, simplifying deployment and management for users. This user-friendly approach is complemented by the company’s extensive bare metal cloud and broader data center and network footprint. As Jeremy Pease, CEO of Hivelocity, notes, “This service is another impactful infrastructure solution that is being seamlessly integrated with our extensive bare metal cloud and our broader data center and network footprint. It gives customers the ability to deploy applications on the right infrastructure optimized for their needs.”

The private cloud market is experiencing significant growth, offering businesses an alternative or complement to public cloud infrastructure. Philbert Shih, Managing Director at Structure Research, highlighted this trend, stating, “Private cloud is gaining significant traction and only increasing in demand. It offers customers an option that can either complement or serve as an alternative to public cloud infrastructure.”

Hivelocity’s new private cloud service represents a significant advancement in cloud infrastructure, combining the latest VMware technologies with robust performance, security, and management features. This offering is poised to help businesses optimize their cloud infrastructure, control costs, and meet rigorous security and compliance requirements. For more information about Hivelocity’s new private cloud offering, visit Hivelocity’s website.