Datalec Precision Installations (DPI), a leading provider of data centre design, supply, build, and managed services, has taken a significant step towards enhancing the quality, safety, and efficiency of data centre installations. The company is proud to announce the introduction of its TIQC initiative, a comprehensive approach to testing, inspection, quality control, and commissioning. With TIQC, Datalec aims to elevate its commitment to excellence and provide clients with seamless, unified, and world-class end-to-end solutions.


The Significance of the TIQC Initiative

Data centre operations are critical to modern businesses, and the need for precise and secure testing procedures cannot be overstated. Datalec acknowledges this vital requirement and has designed the TIQC initiative as a unified focal point to ensure that all capital plant and systems are thoroughly and correctly verified in line with relevant standards, local regulations, and client specifications.

Regular and thorough inspections play a crucial role in ensuring that all installations are not only safe and compliant but also prepared for subsequent activities and final handover. With quality being at the core of Datalec’s vision and success, the company ensures that all projects are delivered to the highest standards through proactive monitoring, progressive auditing, and meticulous snagging processes.

Datalec’s Vision for Excellence

Under the leadership of Matt Perrier-Flint, the UK & Ireland Operations Director for Datalec, the TIQC initiative has been developed to maintain and strengthen the company’s processes and control over testing, inspection, quality control, and commissioning procedures. Matt Perrier-Flint emphasizes that TIQC, pronounced “tick,” will play a pivotal role in elevating the client experience and solidifying Datalec’s position as the gold standard in data centre delivery.


Transparency and Collaborative Working

Datalec’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its internal processes. To support the TIQC initiative, the company has invested in cutting-edge applications and project management tools. These tools enable collaborative working with clients, offering them full access, transparency, and visibility into their projects. This emphasis on communication and collaboration ensures that clients are kept well-informed throughout the entire process, further enhancing their experience and satisfaction.

Datalec Precision Installations – Delivering Excellence in Data Centre Installations

DPI has earned a reputation for excellence in international data centre installations. By partnering with clients and offering a “One Call, One Team” service, Datalec ensures seamless, integrated, and unified end-to-end results, making their clients’ businesses successful. With rigorous project management and supervision, Datalec ensures that all projects are executed flawlessly, reducing risks and minimizing costs for clients.

DPI’s launch of the TIQC initiative marks a significant milestone in the data centre industry. Datalec is committed to delivering unparalleled excellence in data centre installations by prioritizing testing, inspection, quality control, and commissioning. The company’s dedication to transparent communication and collaborative working reinforces their position as a leading partner for data centre operators worldwide.

For more information about Datalec Precision Installations and the TIQC initiative, please visit their website at https://datalecltd.com.