A new white paper from Park Place Technologies explores how network monitoring enables uptime and a healthy data center.

Healthy Data Centers Need A Network Monitoring System 2

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Because information technology has evolved from supporting the business, to being the business, the siloed business model of the past no longer works for modern data centers. Today’s customers needs and demands are also changing. COVID-19, in particular has re-shaped the data center industry. “The increase in remote working due to COVID-19 reinforced the importance and reliability of data centers and the networks that support them,” according to the report.

Downtime in today’s digitally driven business climate can be costly for data centers and their customers. Often, according to the white paper, downtime is cause by simple mistakes like a lack of network documentation, limited information on network configurations, and lack of visibility into performance. For data center customers, those mistakes can translate into lost employees, missed opportunities, and loss of revenue. In some situations, downtime could even mean the loss of a customer’s business. The report cites a study from ITIC that found that an hour of downtime can cost a business between $100,000 and $300,000.

“Without a network, there’s no visibility into storage, for example, or facilities – and without a strong network monitoring practice, the IT team won’t have the information necessary to demonstrate that network monitoring has protected the data center and prevented potential disruption.” Park Place Technologies, “How Network Monitoring Enables Uptime and a Healthy Data Center“.

That’s why healthy data centers have a network monitoring system that provides actionable intelligence and allows them to quickly make decisions that reduce the risk or duration of downtime. Everything in the data center “requires network connectivity to function,” the report say. The authors go on to explain that “in the absence of network visibility, performance management, or analytics, there’s no way make connections between the network and everything it’s connected to.”

The solution to managing today’s complex data center networks is a network monitoring system provides insights into network events via alerts that are “useful, readable, and relevant.”

Download the full report, “How Network Monitoring Enables Uptime and a Healthy Data Center” from Park Place Technologies to learn more about how network monitoring can protect the health of your data center.

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