Sabey Data Centers has appointed John Sasser to be its Chief Technology Officer (CTO), a new job title created by the Seattle-based firm. Sasser will be responsible for data center operations, new data center delivery, sustainability, and information security for Sabey’s entire data center portfolio.

Sasser has been working with Sabey for 18 years, spending the last four years as Senior Vice President of Operations. He was previously Vice President of Operations and Operations Manager, responsible for Sabey’s nationwide data center operations.

Sasser has been a key leader at Sabey as the company has expanded its data center footprint beyond its home market in Seattle, including campuses in Central Washington, Northern Virginia and New York City. Sabey operates more than 3 million square feet of mission-critical space, making it one of the largest privately-held multi-tenant data center operators in the United States.

“John’s promotion to CTO recognizes his 18 years of exceptional service and limitless potential. John has distinguished himself as a creative thinker, a disciplined planner, and an inspiring leader,” said Robert Rockwood, President of Sabey Data Centers. “Sabey is committed to delivering efficient, scalable, and reliable data centers. To meet these rigorous demands over the years, we have turned to a demonstrated leader in data center design and operation, our own John Sasser.”

Rockwood noted Sasser’s broad background in facilities and maintenance support activities, including government construction contracting, facilities planning and remote support, contingency operations, and large plant electrical maintenance.

“My goals are to continue to innovate in data center efficiency and sustainability, while always maintaining reliable data center operations for our customers,” said Sasser.

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