A couple weeks ago I wrote about Joseph Ca selling AutonomousRetail.com for $25,000 to Amazon. He handregged the name in 2019. He just made another solid flip with iLoveAfrica.com.

I saw the auction featured at Domaining and jumped in with $259 and was outbid by user first1 a couple times until the $459 winning bid. I remembered thinking to myself and repeating ‘you paid too much’, but I got into the auction mainly to protect the domain from being used inappropriately. Since the purchase I’ve received a few but not convincing offers, until this very buyer that assured me of great use of the domain, and hey at $10,000 the deal was done through Escrow!

Back in the day this name was once owned by Marchex. Congrats to Joseph on another solid domain sale.

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Original article: $10,000 sale on iLoveAfrica.com acquired for $459 in 2019

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