Expires only has a $55 Bid


The domain name QRCodes.com has expired and is currently be auctioned off, at the time of writing bids were only at $55 USD which is super low for this domain name.

The domain name used to have a whois email as “Do_not_contact_unless_6_figure_offer@QRcodes.com” so I am guessing the owner was getting a lot of offers at one stage for the domain name QRCodes.com.

The domain name has been registered since 2005 and appears to have been hosted at HostGator for a period of time as a WordPress blog before now expiring and being auctioned.

What price will it close? Will GoDaddy get Six Figures for the domain name, I highly doubt but I believe could be a Five Figure sale and someone could easily turn it into a site such as QRCode-Monkey.com which is paying for the keyword on Adwords.

Click here to check out the auction and see what the latest price is on QRCodes.com


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